Stock Market Crash Update: Will The Stock Market Rally

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Will the stock market rally continue on Monday that started in the Nasdaq last week and continue with the SP500 and the Russell index next week? Ryan covers this all in his latest stock market crash update. Stocks rallied late this past week and off of key technical analysis and support levels. Will the stock market recover following four weeks of strong selling and avoid another stock market crash. All of this is covered in this week’s stock market crash update. In this video cover the following:
S&P 500 (SPY)
Nasdaq (COMPQ)
Russell 2000 (IWM)
Volatility Index (VIX)


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*Disclaimer: Ryan Mallory is not a financial adviser and this video is for entertainment purposes only. Consult your financial adviser before making any decisions.*

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SharePlanner says:

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Petra - wir uns kennenlernen says:

0:19 bewundernswert

piterpopelmann says:

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Thomas Nandola says:

When everyone thinks the market will crash it means there’s a lot of money waiting to come into the market and it most likely won’t “crash”.

Kimberly Hervi says:

Great Video I don’t think trading stock is a bad idea but its profits can’t be compared to what Crypto-currency will make you. Making a ton with the Crypto Mileage CoinApp and Hodling plans. My portfolio survives downturns and thrives during upward cycles I’ve amassed to over 50,000usd in savings within a month of proper trading with Crypto Mileage.

John K says:

Awesome analysis

Scrooge MacD says:

Thanks Ryan! Been following you for a while with a different account. Love your channel lad!

Cartoons says:

I love the energy you put in your videos and your gestures remind me of Italians 😋

Grzegorz Ćwikła says:

Thank you Ryan! You the man!

Kinq Calb says:

Lol you guys have no idea what's about to happen.

Ahm Investor says:

Yes, we will go to the 5th straight week drop. Watch it.

Bostjan Potocnik says:

Limitless Paper in a Paperless World

peter Gustafsson says:

No news , No clue

Gabriel W says:

Love the shirt my friend. This is just a snap back rally for our second lower high creation on the daily chart. If and only if that weekly stochastics curls and crosses up then we will take out previous highs or start an upward daily trend, but until then this is just a snap back rally for our second lower high downtrend creation. Daily is oversold creating the snap back rally, but the trend is telling on the weekly stochastics which is down for a downtrend continuing on daily SPY chart. We are snapping back off of 100 daily MA and will hit major resistance 1) because all of those moving averages converging on daily for resistance (20, 50, top of itchimoku cloud and weekly stochastics rolling over. XLF looks even worse and will continue to weigh on this market. Only thing that will trump a coming downtrend is news of stimulus or vaccine, which I think they will use to push the market higher. Technically, no way should we take out previous highs. See I think the market including Tech will follow the banks XLF lower just like before. XLF ran into strong resistance then failed creating the FAANGM stock sell off of 16%. VIX is showing too much complacency which means everyone is still too bullish for this recent sell off. People are buying too much on sell off still which is what the smart money wants for the dumb money to buy on pullbacks. The snap back rally could get up to the 50% Fib Ret level of $338 price level on SPY which is another resistance marker. Volume on sell off greater than volume so far on snap back rally that's not good. XLF failed at 61.8% fib ret level from Feb highs to March lows confirming that XLF is still in bear market rally. Financials have to start up trending again or it will bring the market down. Oh man!! Don't say stay away from cruise liners and airliners and next oil companies that is where the opportunities lye man. If you used relative strength to catch the JETS and cruise liners last few weeks you could have made over 30% on CCL and 18% on JETS. No, No if beaten down sectors have relative strength that means the sellers are gone. Of course you have to manage them and get out when indicators are signaling times to get out like bearish divergences. You watch the next opportunities will occur in oil. Just wait for weekly stochastics to curl up while having relative strength. This is how I caught the airliners, and the cruise liners and gold before that when nobody wants that sector. I give you that you shouldn't go after individual terrible stocks, but sectors is a different story. An entire sector isn't going to go out of business and is where the opportunities lye. If you have relative strength then that means most of the selling is done and less risk. The high fliers are overvalued and have the most risk. Top heavy trades means more likely gap downs that destroy accounts. I am watching oil in the coming weeks for weekly stochastics curl up, relative strength on market sell offs, and buying volume. This occurs then you know there is sector rotation into this sector. That is what it's all about sector rotation and I think over the last few weeks there has been sector rotation out of the FAANGM stocks and into maybe cash or homebuilders and industrials because they still remain strong. The smart money is going to start showing up in the oil stocks though. The more boring the better the runs will be. The oil stocks themselves haven't been performing, but the UGA gasoline fund has been and is signaling that the oil stocks might follow eventually.

David says:

Discovered your podcast and videos not too long ago and have been a huge fan! Thank you for the amazing advice, keep up the great work!

Do you have any content that explains how taxes work for short term traders VS longer term investors?

Would appreciate a video or podcast episode that helps put into perspective what a trader's actual gains look like, after taxes. Thank you! God bless!

Кумыс Мамбетов says:

I like your T-Shirt :))

Rusty Golfer says:

I love everyone's advertising in your comments. Hillarious. I am hoping for a bounce this week. Wednesday will be interesting after the debate. Let's see how the market reacts to Trump making Biden cry.

Alexdegreit says:

Nice to hear your thoughts. I was checking banks and most of them are in historical minimums (e.g., wells fargo, Santander(BME)). Would you consider shorting those? It seems that more bankruptcies will push them strongly, and without support (below histor mins) they can provide nice trades. Thanks Ryan!!

J P says:

Liked even before watching. Guaranteed quality content.

angel .granados says:

What about the weekly macd bearish cross on qqq and on spy into next week?

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