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Anytime the major indexes turn red for an ongoing period of time it can quickly become stressful for even the most seasoned investors. However, it’s important to stay rational during these times.

Understanding the difference between a correction and a crash and acting appropriately is crucial in securing the largest returns in the long run. In this video, we’ll attempt to define the difference between a stock market correction and a crash as well as the actions you should take during a correction.

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Phil Town's Rule #1 Investing says:

Question for you guys: Do you think this market is headed for a crash? Let me know here. And if you're just getting into investing, download my FREE Investing Quick-Start Guide here

Lydia Santiago says:

great video! Should I start saving and wait for a crash? I like to consistently buy stocks. I feel like we never know when the market may crash and I don't want my money to just sit there…..

mikeyb says:

Are you a fan of short term t-bills right now? 1 and 3 Month?

DigitalDreams says:

What companies do you suggest?

Alan Fox says:

Valuations are sky high. For example, one company I looked at has a 20 P/E, and debt equivalent to one year's earnings. This seems like an expensive stock.

Lazim Sharar says:

Bought your book today, cant wait to start reading it!

Serby says:

Phil, I truly sensed a crash when back in 2009, Obama gave a “don’t panic “ speech and the DOW dropped 1000 points. The next day it was followed by a 750 point drop. At the age of 25 then, I was kicking myself for not having cash on the side to buy! Although i did start maxing out my 401.

M Jack says:

I hope so…
I've been saving up

Oldest Member says:

Hi Phil, what is the easiest and safest way to profit while the market is crashing? Then we have extra money to buy long when its cheap.

tomiesto240 says:

I appreciate your channel and agree with most of what is taught here, but I'm certainly not OK with sitting on my hands waiting for the sky to fall when it comes to investing in things that I absolutely believe in and am incredibly passionate about. I've been heavily, steadily investing in Robotics & Automation since 2016. Absolutely no chance I'm not soaking up every last drop of the next societal evolution. Market goes down? Great, I'll buy even more.

Cooper Academy says:

A crash is a sale of stocks, that's the way we should all view it.

fsmoura says:

I'll give you $6,900 an acre for your farm! Right now!

Brad Hackett says:

Soon not now. 7th inning could go extras. Be ready and score huge

Frank says:

I have no idea whether the market is headed for a crash, correction, crack down, crack up, melt up, melt down, or whatever. What I do know is that it must be harder and harder for monkey traders to make money in the markets so they are increasingly all out here pitching their subscription get rich schemes in order to rake in the bucks. If they really thought they could make money in the markets the absolute last thing they would do is start telling other people how to do it – nope, they'd be spending every waking moment in their Adderall addled lives monkey trading the hell out of the markets.

mason guritz says:

I’ll stick with keeping gold and silver. This fiat currency system is in big trouble. I think this next crash is going to be a lot worse then what we’ve ever had. Just look at all of these countries like Venezuela, Argentina and Italy where their currency is worthless. Then you have Duestche bank going bankrupt, with over 45 trillion in liabilities. That will rock the financial markets worldwide when that goes under.

Socrates says:

Those who're trying to enter market now will be the biggest fools..

Max König says:

Thanks for your videos, Phil! For me as a business student it ist always a real pleasure to see you with your non-academic, more realistic views. Here in germany most of the Professors (I know none who does not) are still believing in the market efficiency hypothesis. Before studying I was working in a bank, so I an supposed to love funds and stuff like that, but thats crap.
I know many people, nonprofessional, trying to evaluate companies by DCF – failing hardly. Your calculation methods, which were new to me, are easy and usable for any stock-interested person, thats what I like so much about you and your teachings. Because I am a student, I dont have much to invest. At the moment I got a demo account, were I easily found some interesting businesses from US and Germany. This training will hopefully help me a lot afterwards.

You and your daughter are so lovely, especially the podcast makes me smile often while on train or in public. Please continue like this, I hope to see you some day in Europe. You are the man!


Gregory W Trump SS says:

Warren Buffet has a long history of making false misleading statements and giving generally bad advice. If the market is crashing you should definitely sell your stocks that are going down and then buy put options on whatever is most likely to continue declining the most.

Ralph Molina says:

I'm a college student and I've been listening to your podcasts for about a month now (around episode 40). This has helped clear up all the noise that I'm hearing from other financial sources and helped tie together everything I've learned from you so far. Thanks!!

tom tom says:

Disagree. Markets may not move in the same time periods of bulls/bears. We may continue for another 5 or 10 years of bull market (maybe not as great but still bullish) or even slight horizontal with mild up slope. Stuck in cash, inflation eating away then that is a bad situation to be in, just sat waiting. Trying to time the market is crazy. Far better regular investing with regular monthly amounts over decades. If you are in 20's, 30's, 40's etc then keep invested, do not time, and regular investments in those mutual / index funds! If you are maybe late 50's/60's/70's then yes you do not have time and pulling some profit as cash is probably good thing.

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