Stock Market Crash WARNINGS 2016 – 2017

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Stock Market Crash warnings 2016 – 2017
From the experts, politicians and hedge fund managers
Donald Trump
Bill Gross
George Soros
Stanley Druckenmiller
Paul Singer
Mark Spitzenagel
James Dale Davidson
Carl Icahn
Marc Faber

The fed, Bonds, Stocks, Interest rates and Negative yields
Are Gold and Silver real Money?
Will we see more volatility in the coming months due to the election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton?



wen li ritchie lee says:

hahah. D.T say rates rise affecting stocks hummm the rate decision is near guys… hummm

RUSUK-TT says:

By the way did anyone notice at the first debate that Hillary was
wearing red and Trump had a Blue tie on. The red and blue are the
colors of the two pillars of Freemasonry.
So yes what does that tell you about the two candidates. If you recall a
10 year old proved that all the Presidents can be traced back to the
same family except one president from the 1850's. So that means all the
Presidents are world government. Also if you noticed when the built
the freedom tower, the tower that replaced the twin towers, they had two
cranes on the top. One was blue and the other red, and the framing of
the tower was red and the outer skin was blue, and of course the towers
have the Pyramid shape, just like the pyramid on the back of our dollar
bill. The red and blue are important to the world government.
Notice the Blue and red in this video of Bill Gates doing the ice bucket
challenge. The video is called " Bill Gates ALS Ice bucket
challenge". Also check out a video called " Official one world trade
center time lapse 2004-2013". You will notice toward the end of the
video they add a red crane at the top, so one is red and the other is
blue. And the video showing all the president are related is called "
Local girl connects Obama to most us Presidents".

perfectscotty says:

This was a very good video, straight to the point. Thanks for posting it.

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