Stock Market Crash: What It Means For Tesla (TSLA)

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The stock market is crashing. The world is panicking. What does it mean for Tesla Stock? Get 1 Free Stock (valued up to $1400) on WeBull when you deposit any amount:

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Global stock markets are getting REKT in the panic and mayhem over something we’ll all forget in a few years.

In this video, I take a rational look at what’s going on and what it means for #Tesla, its #stock price, and future viability as a company.

So many of you have been reaching out, saying you’re scared, worried, fearful or uncertain. This video will address your concerns and save me a lot of time replying individually 😉

Will this be the end of Tesla?


As a Tesla #investor and shareholder, this is an incredibly exciting opportunity. I’ve been buying.

As always, in this video I’m just sharing my thinking process and my reasoning. Keep using your own brain. Don’t be a sheep. 🐑

I love you all,

p.s. Share your thoughts below. I read ALL your comments.


blus z says:

Thanks I needed this

Archnid 001 says:

It won't Affect Tesla as long Elon Musk Electrical Car in China is sale hot like a pancake.

Market Rhythms says:

Do technical analysis and buy at levels and execute your plan w/o thinking. When I did the math for TSLA for 2030, the valuation came out to 6 T if they solve FSD, manufacture 10M vehicles/year and 2% inflation with a P/E of 15. I would be happy to do the math on this channel.

dan parish says:

Kind of a dumb analysis of what’s going on. The world is on hold because of this “cold“ you keep mentioning. A friend just had to cancel his wedding coming up in a few weeks – nearly all companies are suffering as people wade out the storm.

Black Swan System says:

Fixed it for you.
"Keep using your own brain. Don't be a sheep. 🐑"
Or a lizard.🦎

Joe Black says:

I am driving a 4wd BMW sedan now and it's fun car…no monthly payment, only have pay reliability insurance and gas, no worry if someone put a dent on the BMW.. it's like driving a free car….why would I buy a Tesla $45k to 70k….do monthly payments plus interest plus high DMV FEES yearly, HIGH Insurance fees and worry somone might put a dent on the door….

Matthew M says:

Thank you for the beacon of reason.

David Tee says:

For an extremely over-simplified explanation, the stock market fell hard due in large part to China's reaction to the C-virus outbreak, which greatly reduced their manufacturing output essentially. Since so many companies buy so many things from China, and how many large companies rely on 'just in time' manufacturing (better known as warehouses are for amateurs, just get me what I need, when I need, in the quantity I need or I'll find someone who will). Once 'just in time' started running behind, the knock-on effects were felt quickly and sharply as entire logistics trains ground to a halt. After that, the fear set in as it became clear the cold wasn't contained… which was bad as it's extremely contagious b/c no one has immunity to it

alex kooper says:

lol refers to the virus as a cold hahah

micky bang-bang says:

next support for Tesla is $380

John says:

Now looks like a good time to buy. I think TSLA will be worth over 1,000 sometime this year.

Jeremy says:

And incase your little reptilian brain couldn't process the last 12 minutes there's just one thing you need to know… THIS MATTERS!

silverwess says:

The Company I work for is doing just fine. Yes, we had to adjust the way we work and we are doing our best to deal with the problems that are going on but it's one of the reasons I have stayed with them for as long as I have.

Ross Ward says:

Purchased 20 shares of TSLA today, btw.

Keith Thorne says:

Ok, the media, sure. How about the CDC or the WHO? Frankly, your commentary on the global situation is neither informed, nor informative. You’re talking out of your ass

Also, EV holding 100% of the market at any point ever is laughable

Stockolicious says:

I ran the numbers – the legacy guys just got smashed – Their dividends are high (which they have to cancel) their stock prices are low which is scary – most have no coherent EV strategy – I understand that the US does bailouts as I live here but these are bad assets that need to be liquidated. This crisis might likely push legacy businesses away as this asset evaluation occurs – its happening now – Tesla is a company which will come out of the gates quickly once we have validation of the CV recoveries after proper testing. I am not pushing Tesla but this is what I think and lets just say I put my own money behind it.

teatowel11 says:

Things to think about: low oil prices will hurt the total cosy of ownership comparisons between tesla and Ice vehicles.
Low interest rates will make car loans cheaper.
If unemployment rises, few people will be buying new cars.
Lots of things at play but I think that Tesla will continue to grow, just slower then they otherwise would.
On the other side of this crisis they will accelerate and emerge even further ahead.

Raigene Salter says:

This sounds like a tesla promo video. You say they have all this cash which will ensure their future…yet you don't talk about their immense amount of debt. Lack of profitability to date. and inflated valuation based on credit.

homecow2000 says:

You are a fool. You know nothing about epidemiology. Reality is about to reach out and touch us, and we will not enjoy the caress.

Kevin Boyd says:

I'm continuing to buy more TSLA every time the price drops. I bought some more today and hopefully later this week, if it continues to drop.

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