Stock Market Danger Could Wipe Out Millions Economic Collapse News Economic News

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Stock market anomaly could signal that millions of American citizens are about to lose everything. Major Finacial Crisis and silver price will be astronomical as the economic collapse intensifies. economic news looks grim most people are watching main stream media and investment channels who have directed them into which stocks to buy and are not buying themselves. it is setting itself up for a perfect storm to wipe out the savings of millions. economic collapse 2017 warning


Robert Garrison says:

I agree about the 2020 comment. Economic collapse, martial law, planet X, how long have YouTubers been fearmongering?

Rob K says:

they wont allow the stock market to crash.. if anything will crash it will be the value of the U.S dollar….

Fred Chiaf says:

Usual dire warnings yet stocks will still go record highs

Lady pilliwick says:

the baby boomers by law are dumping the fund positions…..
this is normal…
get out of debt..and buy silver eagles

pierce205 says:

euphoria. irrational exuberance. chase posted two losing days in the last 4 years.

Jonathan C. says:

In 2020 I will tune in to listen to the lecture about the coming crash.

bob .right says:


Angelo Jamaica says:

can you hurry it up, I would like to move on. Just do it.

Randy Best says:

The stupid households. They are always the last ones in…………………..

Sam W says:

when it hits 19 it will be brought down to 17.46

Michael Alpine says:

Good video…well said.

pt1gard says:

Metals and miners smacked as usual as DOW goes nuts…. rinse and repeat

Stel Toronto says:

That you again for these great videos!

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