Stock Market Education: Options Trading Simplified

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rocky rock says:

LOL @ if you don't have $63 in your account, you probably shouldn't be trading.

Jonathon Thompson says:

noob questions but where do you buy your options

Alex Skywalker says:

more i learn about stocks more it reminds me of sports betting. trading stocks is like betting the spread and trading options is like betting totals.

misscuti828 says:

Ive been watching your videos for days now because I'm in the process of saving to trade; but I really dont understand this one you have to acutually break it down for us beginners and do the math.

Yaras Jenny says:

So you bought at $2.03 and sold at $3.55 to get out of the trade for the first example? I thought for options, you can sell at the market price when the trade is over. For instance, even though you bought at $2.03, I thought you could sell at $117.00 since you guessed right.

Chad Nystrom says:

by "options"….you mean "puts" right?….funny how the terms call or put is not used. why would the video not say if you are buying puts or selling calls?

Noah Douglas says:

thank you for explaining this.

Chad Summy says:

So all of these you purchased 100 options. Is that the minimum that you have to buy?

Orlando Henderson says:

Hey Clay I know you're a Ohio state alumni and football fan. What happened to them against Clemson lol but by the way. I'm looking to invest into your robotic course. Don't have enough capital for the whole university yet but I will try. I'm pursuing my MBA I'm 18 but I'm debt free right now thank god.

Doug Ellis says:

Your statements regarding stock price in all three example seem confusing. For example the stock price for "involvement" is 119.50 but at close 117.46. This is a loss of -1.70%. But the option is a gain of 75%. Just clarifying one route leads to a "loss" and the other a "gain". Thx

Sean Kandel says:

Is this a video of you Short Selling Options?

Shaquan Williams says:

So is options trading only for if the price goes up or…?

L33 J says: Hi, Clay. 🙂 In this video you said that making 100% gains in your account is impossible. This video you give me atleast the impression that you can easily make more than 100% by trading options. Am i missing something? ps. sorry for bad english

Tim Miller says:

Hi Clay, i have been digging through your old options videos, as its time for me to learn something new.

i was confused as because you did not mention the Strike price @ which you bought the options at. Is strike price are little relevant to you while trading option , or which strike price should i choose, should i go for the strike price that is close to the current market price, the stock is trading at?

fred fairchild says:

MIND=BLOWN. I've been trading penny stocks for a while with decent success as far as win rate but I am still under the PDT rule, still have a VERY small account, still only trading occasionally because of T+3. I never considered options because they're so complicated at times blah blah blah but seeing it broken down like this is eye opening.

Darrell Gautier Jr. says:

thanks man! Im learning so much! I've recently come into a little bit of money and am trying to learn how to trade

David Jimenez says:

im confused… this is not a "Put Options", correct?

MrSolwara says:

Hey I have a chess sponsored account with Commsec in Australia. Is that a good platform to trade options? If not then please recommend good ones. If Commsec is okay then I will just trade through Commsec. Some advice please anyone…

PlayYouAChopin says:

Beginner Q: for you to make $ in the Stock scenarios when you are expecting the price to fall, it would be through shorting it right?

Peter wierzba says:

For the second stock shouldn't it be 260%? Or did I miss something

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