Stock Market Falls 400 Points! Nasdaq the BIGGEST LOSER! Here’s Why

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The Money GPS says:

What do you think will bring this market to new record highs? Or are the highs simply over?

Andy Maholick says:

As I"m reading this on Tuesday 1:45 EST the Dow is up 110 and the NASDAQ is up 58. There are people who are in there buying. That's what makes a market.

jj H says:

Total bullshit. This guy needs to do some research and critical thinking. Any traders with experience trading markets for any length of time will tell you 400 pt drop in a market around 24,000 is a nonevent. It was the tariffs and the fake news by the MSM that the White House was going to restrict Chinese investments which caused the knee jerk reaction in markets. The Russell 2000 which is smaller and medium sized firms which is a true indicator of the real economy keeps right on rising. The Dow, S&P and the NASDAQ movements are from capital flows both domestic and international and these tend to have more upward or downward moves with global macroeconomic events.
Now the US is not using the plunge protection team to prop up markets. In fact the US has been desperate to stop the capital flight out of Europe and now from emerging markets flowing into dollars and eventually US equities. This has caused unwanted dollar strength since 2009 and caused the FED enormous problems in normalizing rates. They have no choice as Bernanke left rates too low for too long and is collapsing pension funds and entities like insurance companies who hold most of the US's wealth. If these goes so does the economy and all levels of government. Bringing yield back is the only solution.
Europe is collapsing and is broke. The EU, euro, most banks, many corporations and countries will not survive in their present form. Draghi has destroyed the traditional banking system there along with the bond market and Brussels, (Germany), has help bankrupt most countries in the EU with the cost of the migrants. Martin Armstrong said in an interview months back that we would start to see interest rate spikes in the EU countries which will eventually move higher and faster than anytime in history. A few weeks back Italian sovereign debt did just that before recovering but this is just the start.
Again capital has been moving into dollar based assets from overseas. Where else are you going to park it? In Italian and Spanish sovereign debt? Negative German bunds? Any bank in the EU?
About 7 months ago under Yellen the FED had a full court press on trying to stop the capital flight. First the brought out out the FED branch heads all claiming the dollar and US equities are overvalued. Then they has a BOA analyst claim gold was ready to "take off". Then Goldman's head claimed that gold was your best hedge and all US markets are overvalued. Then came the big banks including foreign banks with US branches all pushing the same narrative. Then to add icing to the cake they planted the fake news in the Nikkei Review that China was going to back the new crude futures contract with gold and allow the yuan to be fully convertible. All bullshit! folks are we seeing a pattern here yet? They are all trying to weaken the dollar and actually pushing gold.
Again, "Follow the money!"

River City MOVERS says:

Worth a glance but still a long yawn.

David Lyon says:

Just having a look at your Graph at 6:50, can you put a better date on it than 'soon'? Because I'm reading the Graph and it's not looking like it's going to happen in 3rd Q 2018. Any clearer ideas?

crazy eddy says:

it looks like someone is pissing blood?

deepa patel says:

Stop making negative news!! Market is not going to crash… its a one day deal. Its going back up again.

Joe says:

Lift. the. Veil…


Why do we care?because when the too big to fail do fail, they do not let themselves be the losers, it is we the people that are abused and pillaged to keep the big fish up on the charts.


Boeing and Intel fall, I say not the expected demand for intelligence and aircraft from USA …expect dominance from China in those arenas. As they dominate world shipping and port modernization.

proposedsolutionsblogspot says:

Too bad it didn't fall 10X more. All the increase from 2009 was manipulation and diligent investors were unjustly forced to lose big. This is corruption at its finest.

HeardButNotSeen says:

400 points is not much of a drop at these levels.

brian kelly says:

jew bankers enslave the world… never believe the world jewish media…

Sam Lyons says:

" " when the tide goes out, then you can see who is swimming naked " "…Warren Buffet

The Natty Nate says:

Great video! thank you for the daily updates

Jay Dee says:

Major recession is on the horizon. Possibly an economic collapse.

Mark Shirley says:

Will THEY suddenly pull the lending-supply rug out from under the feet of the indebted sheeple? That would trigger a crash and multitudes of sheep wielding pitchforks and torches after the Banksters and Elite, (and Killary & friends). I think we are in the process of the engineered slow slide designed to steer the masses into the cashless all-digital blockchain with the chip in the right-hand for the forgiveness of ALL debt if you take it. Take that mark in your hand and eat, then die horribly and go to hell forever. You have God/Jesus Word on that happening. 2,018 years ago God the Father put God the Son on that awful bloody cross over your sin, so don't think He will go soft on you if you refuse His free gift! God isn't Santa-Claus! Do that deal t

Etheric Bladeworks says:

400 points!? .. man call me when its a 1500 – 2000 point loss ….

Andrew Miner says:

Listened to the end, grateful for all of the data you are finding and reporting on. This is almost my one stop shop for economic news!

Mike OZ says:

Correct. Big buy backs an hour before markets closed. Funny about that!

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