Stock Market: Gap Up and Gap Down?

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Stock Market: Gap Up and Gap Down?

A common term in the world of the stock market and trading is that of “gap ups” and “gap downs”. Some traders simply refer to these situations as “gappers”. What exactly are these people talking about? Before you can understand how “gaps” work, you first need to understand the structure of the actual market. So let’s get to it. Let me explain.

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satyan sharma says:

Thanks a lot Clay for such an important video. Your way to explaining the things are quite simple.

R Handle says:

Great explanation! Love your videos. This is a hard thing to describe using only numbers without first showing a candlestick chart, but that is another rabbit hole to try to go down.

wise man says:

Great video Clay! I have a question someone on you tube teaches people that they should have only 4 to 5 positions if they hade $1,000,000 capital for trading, I think that person is nuts! 4 to 5 position only for that big of a capital. You need way more positions than that. Is he crazy Clay?

lombardo141 says:

Just to let you know. Fidelity does give you access to pre and post market if you request it. I used them for years.

spook worm says:

does that explains the opening and closing price auction? Is there any difference?

Jhonny Arvilla says:

I like your videos thanks for the info but I thought a gap could happen during intraday as well I saw a ticket going from closing at .98 the next candlestick was 1.10 during market hours so not I’m confused

dandelion5252 says:

Great video. Thank you.

Do these gaps work the same for Forex and stock markets or just stock?

Everyday Investor says:

Thanks for the video

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