Stock Market Has Crashed – How To Invest Now

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Everything you need to know about the stock market crash and how to invest your money right now

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I started investing in 2014 with the free Robinhood app, worked to save money, made a ton of sacrifices so I could finally start investing and watch my money grow and now – I just lost over $60,000 in about 30 days as the market just had it’s WORST DAY since 1987. Would you panic at this point? Would you sell your stocks?

In TODAY’s video I want to talk about what I’m doing as a dividend investor because the Fed is about to inject 1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS into the economy to save the market from completely disappearing, I’ll show you what my portfolio is doing specifically, as a breakdown along with my income to see how I’ve been affected during this stock market crash and by sharing my story, I hope I can give you some insight, some confidence to keep going, and to keep investing.

I like to make these dividend investment portfolio video updates once a month, like I’ve been doing since January of 2019 to see my own journey as a way for me to keep track how I’m progressing, through both good times, bad times like we’re in now.

No matter what’s going on in the market, I like to make money, that makes the most sense to me. If I did it any other way, I’m not sure I’d have the courage to hold all my stocks because the last month, literally rewinded the clock on almost 4 years of investing progress. In one month, 4 years vanished in the blink of an eye. This is very much so why I’m a dividend investor in these times – my money keeps paying me money. Every single month that I’ve been an investor, I still make several hundred dollars, and sometimes as much as a thousand dollars to do nothing, and just passively sleep.

Now is the perfect time to start investing as a dividend growth investor or really any other kind of investor. RIGHT NOW, you have been given a time machine, to go back, and make right all those times you wanted to start investing but didn’t because you heard the market was too high. If we reference stock prices, you can see when prices were at all time highs – that’s when people really want to start investing, when they see everyone else around them making money. You get the fear of missing out – fomo. But now more than ever as stock prices fall, is the time to get serious.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of people that say “this time is different”. I get those comments all the time. “The stock market is about to do something the likes of which you have never seen before!” Insert vague prediction with no deadline along with a few technical words. When you hear that stuff, it creates a perpetual myth of fear and uncertainty which is exactly what makes the situation worse.

But ask yourself this….” Has this stock market crash, really changed the way business will continue to make money in America, or anywhere else in the world?” I don’t believe so, and in this video I explain exactly why and how I want to continue investing through these tough times ahead.

As always, pay down your credit card debts, loans, save your money, live frugally, become a financial minimalist and start investing to finally build your wealth and perhaps, become a millionaire


Jacob Shaw says:

I disagree with a majority of your video. You lost more in one month in total value than you would make in 2-3 years with dividends. The volatility and FED trying to re-inflate the bubble over the last two weeks was a key indicator that the market was going to dump. It's honestly an indicator that they expect it to continue to drop. If the virus hits America as hard as it is hitting other countries, it's likely many supply chains will be disrupted and many people will be out of work for at least 2 weeks. When you look at the overall financial health of America, many people have no liquidity and missing that two weeks of work could put them into a financial crisis, compound that by 30% of America and you have a high chance that we enter a recession, or at least a contraction period. This is absolutely not the bottom of this event and the FED has minimal control. I wouldn't recommend anyone try to DCA / catch a falling knife, especially if you could be out of work for 1-2 weeks. Once we stabilize, liquidity will be king. Obviously your viewer base is not in that 30% range of financial ruin, but adding a $10,000 hospital bill in the mix is something AT LEAST 2% should be expecting, but likely closer to 20%.

tldr; Save money, plan to get sick or out of work, stonks go down.

Guillermo Martin says:

Where do you get your dividend safety scores from?

L Smith says:

One thing you should correct : 100,000 is not enough to quit your 9 to 5. 🤔

Jeff Rounsville says:

Got pointed to you from Savanna Smiles. Just Subscribed

Jack Huysmans says:

I am sorry to ask this because I know you already mentioned it, buy what app did you use that shows dividend safety scores?

Yi Zhao says:

Love the transparency. This video is very helpful. Thanks!

Pedro Medina says:

When tvix went down to 99$ i bought 4 shares and saw everything else kept going down and down and down so i sold it when ut got to 120ish and now its worth around 400$ fml

Greg Ohlsen says:

You don't lose it till you sell it.

EA MUZIK says:

I get you have a long term view of the market, but there's nothing wrong in taking your money out for a moment and watch what happens. I've seen it many times where we swear it can't go lower and it does and hurt mentally and emotionally. I don't think we are there yet. Be safe

L P says:

Your vibe is contagious bro!

Ray Grenade says:

we are human, we were created for short term thinking like what am i gunna eat, sleep drink today, or tomorrow. not what do my stocks look like 4 years from now. even warren buffet says he rarely looks at stocks. we need to be self aware in times like these, the differnece when theres a sale at stores vs stocks, only 1 retains wealth!

Rideeon says:

Governments making up magical numbers again to make people pay too the banks. How does a country owe to a bank? Nothing backing it it's just paper. Or even worse numbers in a computer that can be made up.

Patrick Sierra says:

I will never understand why people sell..
Everything will be okay, it's all mental!

Joe says:

dude what is the point of the slow motion closeups of your face? lmao dude thinks he's like a male model or something

Jumpin Jehoshaphat! says:

I've always been interested in the stock market but don't know where to begin. How do you invest in stocks?

Infinite says:

Oil turmoil

Political turmoil

Passively managed funds being a bubble

You thinking a vaccine will come in 6 months to a year (it won't)

Masrex says:

Now is the best time to make your excuses to not hang out with your friends, save your money, and increasing your investment buys hahaha

JJason406 says:

O realty income has never stopped paying or cut their dividends. They even raised the dividend in 2008

Nizar Souki says:

Hey Andrei, what is your best recommended broker considering that i'm not a US citizen.
I need it to have access to US, Europe and china stocks.

FellowRser says:

Your girlfriend cory?

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