Stock market info. Sell in May?

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Robert Jirousek says:

lmao @ the intro lmfao


With that hoddie on you look like a gay version of The Sith Master from Star Wars.  : P

Jean Chevalier says:

UVXY: "I know that's a stupid amount of risk".  You said it, mate, you said it.

Eric Banks says:

At jfk, watching my equity short stop about to get smoked…

Following up with a chart just in case supports confirms itself…

Can buyers get price unto 2152?

Anyone take the euro long this morning? if you brought the pullback your up another 2k ish per contract from ydays rally… in that context, equities are rather boring….

Have fun staring at screens

Eric Banks says:

Anyone who took the equity short a few hours ago, be aware 2086s did not trade and so far the case can still be made that the longs are still valid with targets up above at the 21forties… so I would advise you to stay nimble and book gains if any… I lightened up yday evening as I will be away from screens for the next few days…
On the remainder my stop is still the same 2120.25 (3 ticks above 19halves) respect levels and don't ride shorts up…

Nothing else has changed

Guys gals have a good weekend

Eric Banks says:

You NEVER miss nothing on a monday

Give me my FILL

If you got short yday and didn't take this morning as a gift to book… shame on u

You could of did it all over on Tuesday


Eric Banks says:

Here's another lending hand
Because quite frankly I'm just bored

Posted 10:39 est 6/2/15

Timestamp this for me will you

Eric Banks says:

Pretty much done for the day…
Keeping a very small euro long runner…
Waiting for another pullback after a 400plus tick run off the 1.088 lows….
I mean if you looked at charts instead of watching TV you would of been up 5k per 6e contract….
Now I trade 6e longs for tf and es shorts….
By the eod any adds will be booked and I will sit like a peasant on the sidelines waiting for another opportunity wherever that may be…

I'll throw u sheep a freebie… by tonight or maybe tomorrow morning 6e should pullback to the 1.1044 area… I would be buying that with open hands if you got bullets to spare… the next target is well north of 1.15… MASSIVE

no change with all else

Buy oil
Sell equities
Hoard gold

Got it yet?
Or you still need more convincing….

Just remember where you heard it first…

Peace miscreants

Eric Banks says:

Sellers are lurking…
Consecutive sell imbalances…
Yet you keep buying…

Eric Banks says:

Just do what the majority like London whatever says just buy the dip…
It will more than likely will go up….
Es was 2128ish
Es now 2011
Just buy some more…
It will go up…

Eric Banks says:

I love me some sheep on a monday….

MrPoe16 says:

Sick calls today! SINA, and CLDX week makers!!

Eric Banks says:

Hate to say I told you peasants so only because I don't want to fuel any unwanted animosity….

The fun has begun!

I say this before the indexes suffer any more damage.
Welcome to the end of may.

Do you think this will be a slow summer as it typically is?
I think NOT

1800-1850 next target

You just better hope the long trades and we do not brake below… no specific levels until we get closer…

See you peasants soon.
You had all of the month of may to get your protection on and or take profits. Let's see how many of you professionals continue to book profits going forward.

bangem andleavem says:


bangem andleavem says:

markets look stupid, but they are way smarter than you

bangem andleavem says:

dont u love it

bangem andleavem says:

sell in may , for one day, then make them pay…….

bangem andleavem says:

omg cover!!!!

Justin C says:

Was that Joey Diphard showing up at 9:45?

bangem andleavem says:

lol, u nailed it bro.  fuck em all!

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