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Growth Stocks crash value stocks rally. We are experiencing a rotation out of growth stocks which have years of future growth priced in, into value stocks which are trading at the steepest discount in history. Institutional money is flowing out of high flying growth stocks into value stocks which are trading at record low valuations. We also have an update in regards to the trade war with China. China and the United States will be meeting to discuss trade negotiations in October.

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Investing Education says:

Did u guys see shopify and roku!

defmos says:

too much optimism in the october trade war talks. buy the dips in growth stocks

Dave Naylor says:

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b s says:

You mean 3000 @4:27 lol. Thank you for the video.

F S says:

One has to be very nimble in these markets. The big boys are back.

castamir says:

The Money GPS just said "I TOLD U SO!" when he saw this video!

Lance Pahucki says:

Do you think the rotation is from recession anxiety or was it simply time to lock in profits at exhausted valuations? Or both? My question is because I want to know whether to sit and wait for a widespread dump to put my cash to work or whether to follow the rotation myself into value.

Johnny Will says:

It seems like every pullback gets bought up

Ariel R says:

The plunge protection team is in full force they want stocks to go in one direction. Non stop up and higher. They rarely let stocks go down.

kelly ryan says:

I welcome any and all pullbacks in the stock market! Great video

Kay Luna says:

Get ready to buy when stocks go on sale we’ve been chopping around for months

Owlcity 56 says:

Stocks are surging on trade optimism, but the reality is we are no where near achieving a trade deal with China

Sara Willis says:

Growth stocks still aren’t cheap if wait for even lower prices before buying any

Shahil Shah says:

I'm surprised FAANG has held

Stockmarket Money57 says:

I love when stocks crash all that does is make them cheaper lol

Space Documentary says:

Huge shift in money I noticed growth stocks are down big-crazy thanks for the update

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