Stock Market News – How To Invest With Balance In a Stock Market Crash

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Stock market news on how to invest in stocks but still have a balanced portfolio no matter what happens, stock market crashes or whatever.
If you worry when stocks crash, it means you don’t have a balanced portfolio. You can balance one like Dalio, among different asset classes or you can go Buffett style and have lots of cash when the economy is hot. Buffett will use that cash to buy stocks when the economy is in a recession. The key is to have balance, without it, you are very likely to do the wrong thing at the wrong moment like the majority of those that don’t have balance withing their finances.
Nobody knows what will happen, so the only thing we can do is to be prepared for anything.

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Alessandro Anderson says:

Thank you Sven for this great video!

Forestman says:

Balanced portfolio = include market timing. Products such as etf PTLC even do it for you. The "crowd" are bagholders patiently sitting on a 86% drawdown.

BohdieLotion says:

Sven, can you comment in Dalios procedure? As far as I know, he actually is using mainly macro models and quantitative approaches. Of course his models are dynamic and he is constantly searching for the "where am I wrong" respecting the "what i dont know". Background of the question: You dont like quants but you love Dalio (isn't he one?) 🙂

Nastja Bajs says:

Great videos, thanks for your insights.

Gainde 113 says:

Yes, I'm just rebalancing between 75% stocks (FTSE All-World ETF) and 25% cash once or twice a year. Easy way for retail investor to make some profits in the long run.

TheMpamMpam says:

Although the world economies are interconnected, I believe that the dynamics are much different than 2009 and much more cash and power was transfered to the east. If that proves to be the case then maybe the scenario where you say that stocks can stay down for a long time will prove to be right, especially for US stocks. Great info as usual Sven

Steve Chambers says:

What Dalio executes is what the investment community refers to as Risk Parity Funds. There are wealth advisors out there that can offer this service to retail investors. To be clear Sven does not do this, Sven employs inflation hedging using base metal miners but has no exposure to long leveraged bonds, an asset class that Dalio is overweight in. Using tactical asset allocation and rebalancing, you could attempt to replicate what Dalio does. A better option might be to study how the greatest investors of our time achieve market beating returns and then cherry pick the strategies that are best suited to your own investment objectives. Understand your liquidity needs, understand your investment horizon and develop your portfolio allocations based on your needs and more importantly your limitations and investment mentality. This is what Sven does! Thx for the video!


I don’t want you to change completely to Ron Paul calling fall since 2011. Anybody can do that. I like your opportunities videos with analysis much more. Little more videos like this and I am unsubscribing.

marcelino Perez says:

Hi Mr. Carlin. Can you take this country seriously? I'm scared for this world. Look at this comedy, please

crypto nite says:

it doesnt scare me it turns me on but its just talk anyway plunge protection game still strong

marcelino Perez says:

Mr. Carlin, these are not Buffets, I bet most of them have no more money when it gets really cheap. I like Ray D. but I am doing better than Bridgewater the last 3 Years.

Cyberworld 7 - Stock Market Millionaire says:

Great video I have 95 percent cash position

Whatsthis1do says:

Gasland is an excelent analysis on the best companies:)

Sam Finance Tech says:

Awesome info, Dr Sven. Balancing real world optimal portfolio is very complex. But I get it, just engage Dr Sven ??

nitin uttreja says:

Your last video made me rebalance my portfolio. Lol. Your doing a good job. Keep it up.

Victor Probably says:

I have almost as much money in gold as i have in stocks.
I don't like bonds, i'd rather sit on gold than bonds. Gold should yield more than 7% over the next 7 years, i don't mind that extra risk as long as it's uncorrelated with my stock position.

Victor Probably says:

You say snp500 is at PE ratio of 20 but i hear some saying it's at a PE of 14, why are there 2 numbers floating around


A more important question…why has Dalio chosen that dramatic picture ? ???

Luis Sánchez says:

Hi Sven. You are not sure of anything? You are laying! . I remember you said you was 100% sure what the market will do in 2019….. Fluctuate. Just kidding.

R Canada says:

Another excellent video

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