Stock Market Plunge Protection Team Desperate to Halt This Market Sell-Off – Economic Collapse News

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Economic Collapse News. The stock market has been under significant selling pressure compounded by reports only of positive and not the negative side of the stock market. The volatility vehicles are like a ship in a stormy sea the news sources are in full effect attempting to calm the public. But unexplained massive amounts of cash was injected in the stock market in the middle of an all out Sell-Off


Thomas Kauser says:

Banks are in control! Fed has warned and warned about this happening and can start operation twist at any time? This A.I. likes bargains?

Dennis Jemison says:

Bought More silver on the last dip @15.62 low made a buy @ 15.84 with ship & Prems. Buying More on this current dip as waiting for a low this time around @ 15.56-58 to fill the Gap??? Will buy more this go around @15.76 with ship & Prems Hopefully??? But Will land some more @any Under 16.00 total !!! All Phys Silver 1oz Rounds!!! JMHO…GBTC&TP…Amen

Off Grid Nation says:

Let it burn. I've been short for 18 months and have had my ass handed to me. Silver and gold positions pretty stagnant. Time to get some of it back. Maybe all of it and then some.

Scott H says:

I don't know I think this is just a big show. do I know for sure? no


This is why I HOLD SILVER.


This white guy just called me a shit skinned bottom feeding nigger.

BrokerBarber says:

I 'm glad now that I've continue to HODL the silver I have… Love your commentary.

Tina Craft says:

It has to Happrn

Tina Craft says:

Market is a Game you , the People font vonttol

Philip Quinn says:

stellar info as usual. as for the masses, you mied as well be speaking Klingon. some people deserve what they get. when you give your power over to doctors, lawyers, govt., school systems, etc. All our great institutions are based on LIES. (religious as well). keep up the great work. Those of us who seek truth and put the time in appreciate your efforts. God Bless

freedum freedum says:

informative, thanks man

Christopher Johnson says:

abc tv informed us in australia that lots of bargain hunters entering the markets so it bunced back.hahahha what a joke.lets try to c what happen if feds stop 200 bilion a month q,easing would already colapse.

doveshouse says:

I bought some options for protection against downturns that expire Feb 16th… wonder if we'll see more downtrend in the next week and a half?

doveshouse says:

YES YES YES!!! Yatzi Bingo… I am with you!!!!! They said the websites were down due to "technical difficulties" BullllllllllllllllSh**T

LatinMatrixCrew says:

Dilly, dilly… 🍻 says:


ace 1 says:

The Fed at all cost will buy up the stock market and can never completely unload they're balance sheet. 0% possibility of unloading debt

Finance & Economics says:

They can't stop what can't be stopped. The day is still to come!

brian91145 says:

Did you know that Adam Schiff is George Soros brother in law!? Damn world lol

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