Stock Market Ready to COLLAPSE According To Bill Gross! Here’s Why.

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Debt is at an ALL-TIME HIGH. Stocks are at ALL-TIME HIGHS. What’s driving everything up? It’s pretty clear how this has come to be and there’s no telling how it will all unwind. Are you ready for it?

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Terri says:

prepared for CIVIL UNREST. Plain and simple! Another great video……!

Terri says:

Let me add that one year, I took a poll for personal reasons, and interviewed people on Food Stamps (SNAP). Out of 76 people 70 purchased junk food as their MAIN dietary source because they "couldn't afford" to eat health. But 76 out of the 76 could afford cable t.v. Food (no pun intended) for thought.

stevenmartinez438 says:

Brought to you by….. the Bond market

Michael Williams says:

Bill Gross did a seminar with the PIMCO background at least three maybe four years ago about "the new normal" being 2% annual growth

Pinky Green says:

Riding the wave — it is what it is. People who didn't take advantage of it are fools. Holding gold & silver?? Really??? Anyone waiting for a collapse lost 8 years of HUGE stock market profits.

Hyena says:

It has been ready to collapse for the past 5 years … doesn't it feel pathetic already to still keep chanting that mantra?

jimsjoe1 says:

You fail to understand what is going on in markets. Gross manages a bond fund especially treasuries and rates are going up eventually with the FED. The front end of the curve has rates going down as capital is rotating out of the longer end and into the short end because when rates rise they will not get hit as bad and if you were holding the long end. Gross is using the media to change market sentiment to get people out of equities and into bonds so he can unload his positions. Professional traders, investors and money manager never state their true intentions as this is the same as opening up their order book so you can bet they are doing the opposite.
What has been moving up both the dollar and Dow for over a year? It has been international capital flows especially from Europe as the euro and EU collapses. Entities have been converting euros to dollars and moving into the Dow. Even banks in the EU have opened up branches in the US also converting euros to dollars and parking at the FED as the insane ECB policies charges banks to park capital. The ECB cannot raise rates as most countries in the EU are completely insolvent and this would collapse them faster. In addition billions of euros have been moving weekly from southern Europe to the north which is collapsing the banks especially in the south. The ECB owns 40% of the sovereign debt and is in serious trouble as are the countries in the EU. Investors are not dumb and are parking capital in markets where there are huge polls of liquidity and that is the dollar and the Dow. Folks this is capital flight! This will accelerate all thru 2020. Another insane move by the ECB was a few days ago Banco Santander bought Banco Popular for 1 euro wiping out all shareholders and all coco bonds. Santander needs to raise over 7 billion as capital is still fleeing. Banks now in the EU cannot raise capital thru new share offering nor thru coco bonds. Watch now as the banks there collapse more rapidly as entities unload their shares and coco bonds and of course those entities who hold Tier 1 bonds will also exit as they will realize the whole system is imploding. If you control large amounts of capital are you really going to park it in a collapsing currency or banks with all this problems? Of course not. You are going to get out of Dodge and this is exactly what is happening. The whole EU is one giant house of cards and the dominoes are falling. We haven't even talked about banks in Italy, Portugal, Greece, France or Ireland! Capital is simply being parked in dollars and blue chips.
Now the collapse nonsense. After the 87 crash the S&P P/E ratio peaked at 50/1, dot com bust 46.5/1 and after the 208/9 crisis 123.73/1. Today we are only at around 25/1. Not even remotely in bubble territory. With the S&P ratio at this level the Dow cannot collapse. The worst is a normal correction before moving higher. If you noticed recently the FED and all the major trading houses have been warning about a equity collapse and this is all correlated to try to stop capital from flowing from Europe as this has caused serious problems for the FED and their ability to raise rates.
All crashes since HFT trading has been when there are a very high concentration of retail traders and investors in markets, they get spooked and sell and prices fall to a level triggering the algos sell orders and off we go. Today we do not have that high concentration as before. In fact we are still under 50% from its peak.

Eagle40 says:

We have been hearing this bullshit for decades. Guess what….Nothing is going to happen. An apocalyptic collapse is not going to happen. I see many with good jobs and pensions. The economy is much stronger than you think.

R R says:

FACEBOOK …what a joke. Facebook uses people………..IF IT IS FREE YOU ARE THE PRODUCT.

Francis Do says:

I don't think there will be a crash ever. Market will always go against your expectations and predictions. A crash is just a dip, it will often recover quickly. This time crash won't fool anyone. They won't pull out b/c they all know it will come right back. Hence, there won't be a crash. Beside, money is losing value, hence equity market will just keep going up. It's normal. These predictions are bogus and they will keep predicting until it crashes, may be another 10 to 20 years.

Chuck Pitts says:

this is shit ! when the dollar goes then inflation will rocket , when it does then know its here , its not going to crash over night ! what would the msm media talk about if it happens overnight ?

Robert Forrester says:

Have you ever counted the number of your posts with the words 'ready to collapse'? You fucking jerk-off.

Mr Cut Folks says:

It's coming this fall! Everyone better prepare, food, water, weapon.

R R says:

DO NOT WORRY Central Banks will come to the rescue……..Central Banks will create currency to buy more stocks and more bonds so our Cost of living will keep going up and we cannot afford to live anymore. BUT thankfully we already sold our business and home in the city and we moved to rural land with water where we now raise and grow our own food. Organic real food with NO chemical and pesticides.

Rackboy Meats says:

The stock market isn't going to crash until the debt ceiling negotiation is finalized and bitcoin is trading around $4,000-$5,000 USD. Raise in interest rates might temporarily give up a bit in the stock market but nothing major. I think the DOW could hit 22k very soon.


Even if you turn your mic "off" it's still live…they are always listening.

mm ix says:

Here in Santa Cruz Ca you can walk into any one of the dozen or so natural food stores and purchase organic non-GMO food with your food-stamp EBT card!!!!!

Ch N says:

this is outrageous wtf

Rob Hodge says:

I came here for the truth and here's my take away…. that SNAP chart doesn't even SHOW vegetables. :/
Shakin' my head…

Matt Miller says:

Can you talk about how Amazon gives discount on prime membership to ebt card holders in one of your videos. This is to gain market share against Walmart and the 43 million people on food stamps. So regular prime members are subsidizing ebt prime members.

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