Stock Market Repeating 1987! Massive Bull Market CRASHED 22.6% in a 1 Day!

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Dow pulls off a stunt it hasn’t done in 30 years
Black-Monday-the-Stock-Market-Crash-of-1987-NYT.jpg (531×220)
US turns into ‘oil nation’ with record exports, ‘eating’ OPEC market share
For millennials ready to buy a home, the pickings are slim – The Washington Post
The mortgage market is now dominated by non-bank lenders – The Washington Post
Recon Buys Majority Stake in Millennium Films for US$100 Million | China Film Insider
Project Veritas | Project Veritas Releases Over 100 Hours of Audio From Inside CNN


Space Ghost says:

for the love of drinking water SAY NO TO FRACKING!!!!

parkerbohnn says:

If you have questions you can always come to me for advice. I don't have time for books, I do a lot of day trading thought not as much since Trump got elected. I'll step up the pace when I get a total read over the next year or two since election day. I mostly just trade on bias not my personal thoughts since everything is now basically 100 percent rigged unlike in the old era of trading decades ago.

parkerbohnn says:

The stock market has been overbought since the year 1983. The stock markets are so overvalued today it makes September of 1987 look like a good buying opportunity.

chris austin says:

87 crash did not happen in 1 day.  Look at the entire month of Oct 1987.

H.M. Spalding says:

So given what you are saying on this and other videos you have posted are you NOW out of the market with your money?

Ricardo Zapata says:

Dude i hate your voice!

Bill Mercer says:

President Trump, a man with a plan!

Bill Mercer says:

Trump, the man with a plan! go Trump!

Bill Mercer says:

Trump the man with a plan!

Lockon Gamer says:

should not be too bad for small investors it's the hedge funds that need to worry, they need a lot of buyers to liquidate their billion dollar positions.

Felipe Angeles says:

Trump dump the Federal Reserve and bring back the gold standard. Stop sending money abroad no help for Israel let Israel sink or swim!

geo land says:

The government and economy is under full control of the CIA Police State
apparatus. We have a do nothing Congress because they are all bought or
under blackmail to do nothing as the Police State surveillance gains all control.

connor nimmo says:

All substance here. Very well detailed and informative video.

Robert Lefebvre says:

"Affordable" real estate when interest rates are at historic lows translates into a real estate price collapse when they raise interest rates. Don't whine because you don't 'qualify" to get suckered into the Ponzi scheme.

emerson134 says:

This isn't even close to '87 as debt to GDP ratio is way higher at near 80%. Short cash rates have been near zero bound for nearly 8 years. Margin debt at record nominal highs and near record inflation adjusted highs. Two 60% collapses since 2000. never happened once during a real bull market 1982 to 2000.

john stone says:

If you sell the fed will buy

Rustin Pierce says:

They say the stock market is going to crash every year

Shayke Speeer says:

I think it's going to be more like 1929. Going to be some hard years ahead for most Americans.

Kman Lodi says:

It's a bull market….Till it's not……Looks like 1929……Too much going on around the world, and WAY too much debt…..The casino is really getting a little to crowded for me….

David Scott says:

Is there really any U.S. oil producers ? Aren't the so called U.S. oil producers really just foreign companies with lease agreements to suck Americas resources ? Ever since speculators set foot on this continent they have killed and looted the inhabitants of the land, and set up their corporations to plunder what was not theirs. Now we have waste land that is almost uninhabitable. The earth itself will not tolerate this much longer.

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