Stock market sell off coming soon according to multiple charts.

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Stocks look setup to sell off very soon. I’ll go through the technical analysis of the stock market charts and show you what I see.
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John Rheiner says:

Has the sell off started already?

Redwood North Trading says:

In my opinion NVDA is setting up to move higher. You're right that it has basically gone sideways since Sept. In my experience that kind of consolidation leads to a move up, not down. Also, analyst targets have NVDA hitting $600 in the next 12 months, which means there's still decent room for an up-move. Guess it depends on your timeline though.

Copper Backpack says:

Only way this stops is if the Central Banks are destroyed. They will continue to buy stocks through their SPVs. They are doing it illegally but they don't care.

LTGmaster says:

Market will crash when you will turn bullish

Hard Asset Stacker says:

I'm looking at MO. went long yesterday

Hard Asset Stacker says:

Always great. Thanks Maven. You and this guy Maverick of wall st are my favorites

Byenia says:

One I'm tracking and interested in is JMIA, touted as the Amazon of Africa, in case you have any thoughts on it.

Brian Vector says:

Stop loss triggered on SNAP

Jeremiah Barlow says:

I find your video is easy to watch compared to other videos. The tone and speed of your voice. Thank You.

Faisal Rafique says:

Sell off may not happen or may be a minor dip.

Matt Sullivan says:

Watching MCD you mentioned a few videos back @208 approaching that 203 zone, daily looks like a potential Inverted H&S

James Love says:

I am telling you TAN can run up to at least 120 like the 2000 bubble for the Qs. That is my PT on TAN. This is the age of Aquarius. TAN is the Qs of the 2000 it promises an EV future that is not here yet just as the Qs promised an internet future that wasn't here yet.

MP Materials is on a Pluto mission – it is rocketship is past the moon and I been strapped in from the get go. It is basically an oil refinery when the first combustion engines came out. The oil companies are history man – they have upside for the intermediate term sure – but they are dinosaurs and the meteor is on the way. Basically it is a dwarf planet headed for a black hole.

TAN is the galaxy man it is going to blow up and the planets will spread – it is a bubble that will burst. You buy the big dipper and hodl for 20 years for life to emerge just like the Qs.

You are into miners – but you are getting gold miners. Silver and copper yo. Even the RH kids know SLV is better than GLD – they don't hodl gold – they hodl silver. Silver's value relative to gold will only increase going forward. Silver is done being the shadow of gold. Even gold bugs aren't stacking gold bars – they are loading up on silver. I am not saying gold is bad – I am saying silver has better returns and holds up better than GLD.

Rick K. says:

We are so lucky to have your expertise.

ROY DeSell says:


James Love says:

Till I see changes in market behavior on the daily charts – I am bullish neutral – like the market.

James Love says:

Another leg higher. Less volume = path of least resistance = sideways and up

pump illusion says:

Tix great video

Raj seetharam says:

Thank you very much for your post! Good!

Gold Silver says:

Thanks again Friend. The longer I stay tuned to your channel the more I feel confident in your analysis of these markets. I am thinking pretty much like you on Gold and the Dollar. I am wondering though if the overall market does sell off as you predicting if it once again takes Gold and Silver down with it.

Evan Bauer says:

Interested to hear your analysis on TSLA. Cheers

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