Stock Market Sell-Off Continues. Important Updates! By Gregory Mannarino

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Lee Johnson says:

Wall Street should only be able to sell Stocks and Bonds, no options, no puts and calls, No Derivatives, no anything Else. This would make Capitalism much more Stable and take much of the Gamble out of the Stock Market and give humans a more stable Economy with no recessions and depressions.

Robert Tarter says:

I`m a small time investor trying to learn the ropes. In the meantime out last 5 doggies are from the humane society. We usually take the least likely to be adopted dog like our Basset hound/ Beagle Ranger. Constant barker when we got him but is easing up now. With the needed meds and stuff could have bought a pure breed but that`s ok with us. Pure love!!!!!!

alice young says:

how about the effect of mr putins "state of the union" speech ?

MrEd says:

4:22 this bit

Juan David Campolargo Hoyos says: GO TO THIS LINK and get one stock for FREE, it can be APPLE, AMAZON or any other company, and if you don't like you can just sell it, it's literally FREE MONEY. My friend gave me this link and I got one of apple and I did not like it so I sold it and got $170. IT is amazing DON'T miss this out.

Delman says:

love this song, well This version i love SO JUST thought bless you all with it this weekend, Take Care all, catch you all next week, many blessings….. Pray for me and what I suspect is a tumor, possible, long story, darn acid reflux, knew get better of me, all about lowering carbs, and sugar, look up Kris, or chris kresser think his name, SIBO, search google for it, sadly i may discovered too late i reckon, oh well, it is what it is…. :(….

muddyriverdogz says:

Did i hear the fat lady sing ??????

White Wolf says:

Buy stocks? You've got to be kidding. right? Volatility will continue. And even in the best of times, your money is losing real value even if expanding in nominal terms. And in the worst of times… you will be hit with a double whammy as the Fed prints its way to solvency.

john jones says:

your good? I cussed that asshole out over the NRA crap

Paul edw13 says:

The main stream media Is communist owned, and controlled .What happened to Russia, AND Germany is happening to us Jewish Bolshevik is here .

Delman says:

OK can now confirm, STAY out of shorting market, the dow, trying to rally back, ok, bye for now, oh no trying to sell off again, lol, see how hard it is, lol… I repeat though, do not buy DOG, i might, but could be smaller number of shares as insurance to cover for next week, and I might not….

Delman says:

half of me loves this, not sure GREG like it, oh mind you, started doing this, brings more views in to his channel, he love it… WHY half? Because earlier missed chance on DOG cause came here to reply to someone… So yeah start doing this I can't look for opportunities to trade, though I shouldn't, I should stick to swing trading and investing, anyway….. Not to worry..

Delman says:

Trend line broken on 5 minutes from low on DOG… DO NOT buy…

Delman says:

DOW trying to join rest of market here, ralling back, STAY AWAY from shorting the market here….

Jack Drusus says:

Greg jungle book theme.
Now your the king of the markets
A financial VIP. Now you have reached the top
And you seem to have stopped
And that's what 's a worrying me
You want to be a financial man cup
And role right into town
What you desire..Mr Bernamke fire
You're tired of messing around

Bernie Smith says:

By my record you are spot on 90% of the time, I wish you were my money management! You are my first and last read of the day thanks for posting on YouTube!

Delman says:

kinda torn, on 1 hour DOG under trend line, favoring DIA as in DOW etf, struggle, fascinating watching the battle here, erm, I admit was 60/40 for sell off in DOW, not so sure now, think I'm 50/50 again

Peggy Johnson says:

You must be studying opera. Lol. Good one

Y34P says:

bro get some good sleep this weekend

Gregory Mannarino says:

The Fear gauge is extreme. Generally this means it is time to buy stocks, but be cautious!

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