Stock Market Sell-Off Continues! This Isn’t Over Yet Markets Churning Wildly – Economic Collapse New

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Economic collapse news. The stock market sell-off isn’t over the markets are churning wildly at this point. The difficulties in the volatility trade are compounding as markets keep entering freefall. While the larger problem is the debt it takes to stop this slide is already to much.


Slopestyle 2022 says:

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John doe says:

8 out of 10 videos my thumbs up is removed

real eyes realize real shite says:

nigga the correction has ended

havikshorst120 says:

China plans to finally launch its long-awaited and delayed yuan-denominated oil futures contract on March 26

Randy Helton says:

The hell with the stock market and the bankers printing machine lets go back to the old ways of living of the land at least we'd be free again

uawsux says:

Destroy the IRS put those people at unemployment the only reason they have taxes so you would feel the value of the dollar it would hurt you they do not pay the bills they do not paid on the budget nothing does

Eagle40 says:

Here we go with the doom & gloom bullshit again. Everyone knows there could be a 20% correction. So what..This clown on the silver report and all the YouTube bullion economists are trying to scare you into buying bullshit metals.

They have been spewing this bullshit for years and we have not seen an apocalyptic collapse nor will we see it.

If you are investing long for retirement and savings the markets are still the best for building wealth.

Ex…In 1990 if you invested in the S&P 500 you would have a 1088% compounded dividend return non CPI adjusted. Gold only 310%. This includes all recessions and crashes of 2000 & 2008.

You also have to pay large markups for metals. Metals are commodities like oil and soybean.

Don't get suckered into buying prepping bullshit and metals. This is a sales channel.

Best investments that are protected are annuities, Roths, and ETFs that pay dividends. Great longs

This guy is full of shit.



Odysaye Nalife says:

Well just wait old money , crypto will take over

Lori B says:

Our tax dollars are actually deleted, MMT or Modern Monetary Theory explains this!

Darren Stone says:

You're right about innovation. First iPhone was 2007. There has been nothing innovative for over ten years.

Darren Stone says:

This is a correction. Bearish market until October when the crash happens due to a credit crisis. IMHO. Buying gold right now. In case I am right.

4711Express says:

Good sentence:” debt is not creating wealth “ even in a technical industry I see nothing but cost saving cost saving cost saving. MD’s have no eye for future investments, the share holders want profit they say to their CEO’s on short term and the MD’s are following orders and make figures look attractive and say mission accomplished until the next squeeze action arrives. People are not important not even in the factories worldwide who make the share holders be able to collect their profits.

Vincent Ardizzone says:

Most of us DO money in the stock market. Where do you think 401k's are?

PonziZombieKiller says:

Yeap… Banksters win again.

Your Mother says:

The stock market is near all time highs. What are you on about? And it is not a market, it is rigged. Central banks are the ones buying the stocks and they will do so indefinitely. They don't sell, they only buy. They have rigged the stock market, currency market and metals market. That is why the dollar doesn't crash, the stock market doesn't crash and metals cannot rise based on supply and demand. Rethink things.

Randy Best says:

Bloomberg is worthless. They are now the MSM garbage.

MySuburbanHomestead says:

It can come up…. then really start falling. AKA a dead bounce.

Billy Bang Bang says:

Hey, Slopestyle 2022… that a damn good idea, I'm going sign up at the Steemit website as fast as my poor broke sorry ass after this video is finish.

Doge with it says:

the whales will go into cryptos

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