Stock Market Sell-Off Hits Dow The Hardest; Chip Stocks Slammed

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The Dow Jones broke a key support level Friday and the Philadelphia Semiconductor index was down close to 4% in late trading.



Markets needed a breather, market correction was long overdue, market dip means, "buy! Buy!! BUY!!!" the quality stocks <— strong companies will always come roaring back! #Facts

lukeslc says:

The stock market is one huge joke.

Jeromy Henderson says:

Lets talk about some stocks that dont sound like broken record. Good lord its the same convo everytime. Amazon, tesla, google🤦🏻‍♂️

tom bruigom says:

Enjoyed this interview. Canadian gold miners are the best in the world. Check out PME and MMP.UN on Toronto. Monday morning will be interesting.

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