Stock Market Sell-Off | Jesse Felder

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Silver and gold values held strong during a tumultuous week for the US stock market. In October alone the S&P 500 is down nearly 9% and now in the red for the year

Gold is finishing the week slightly up closing around $1,235 US dollars per troy oz
Silver also moved up slightly to close around $14.77 an ounce.

This week we speak with multi decade money manager and stock market expert, Jesse Felder.


SilverDoctors says:

Backlinks to Jesse's articles and an example of his exceptional podcast can be found here:
Have a great weekend everyone.

Doug D. Fox says:


Wendell Morse says:

BANG action coming!

Noun says:

Amazing discussion guys, thanks for your hard work SilverDoctors. Big Thumb Up.

Wendell Morse says:

Hindenburg Omens

bill blohm says:

Tremendous interview, long term perspective, Shares credit for others. A must follow, Jesse Felder and the Silver Doctor's crew!

Linda Ardito says:

Thank u. I just subscribed. great info, great guest & hosts, keeping it real!

Jim Wong says:

China always pursue win-win cooperation. But USA wants lose-lose!
History will remember: Trump stated recession (peaked in various areas–> then going down) in 2018!
Yes, he may make records (stock, employment or unemployment rate, deficit, growth) in USA, but too short-sighted!
Sustainable? may be very difficult!

Ken Semotiuk says:

Crypto crap and the stock market SUCK. Stick with silver and gold God's money, sleep well at night!

Ian Cassie says:

leemings do trend following naturally

Daniel Berdichevsky says:

so basically what they were saying was, "the fed scenario 1, we are screwed, and fed scenario 2, we are screwed, got it

jefesalsero says:

"Wage growth is rising." Lol! Please tell me where. Wages have not risen in real terms for 20 years now for the majority of American workers. And nearly half of American workers earn less than $31K per year. Fact!

Damien Wright says:

Thanks guys , great interview , great chat with Jesse . Really enjoy Jesse on the program . Many thanks .

Ascanius says:

1979-80 in Canada we hit 22% interest rate

Patrick Allen says:

Great interview! lots of education. thanks

Matt Nelson says:

What is underlying the P/E ratios is we have had zero interest rates and companies have been fueling the stock market with stock buy backs which makes the stocks more attractive with fakery of less shares out there because the shares have been taken off the market.

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