Stock Market Sell Off- Penny Stock Gapper Short $APT $BMRA $BLPH Day Trading Recap

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🔽Time stamps:
0:16 $APT $BLPH $CCL $AAL $ZM Shorting penny stock gap ups
3:45 $IFRX $RCL $X Penny stock gap up short. Cruise line stock short
7:08 $APT $LAKE $BMRA Coronavirus stock short

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We’re seeing many small cap penny stock pumps the last week. But none of them really stayed and these stocks were sold off due to many ATM offerings that ruined the sentiment. Stocks like$SGBX $BLPH $BMRA $EYEG $VVUS were some examples.

Large cap stocks continued to stay weak after the short lived bounce from last week. Travel stocks like $AAL $RCL $CCL $BA continued to be volatile and provided us day traders lots of range both to upside and downside.

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Humbled Trader says:

🤔What stocks are you looking forward to trading tomorrow?
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Eric Hoang says:

What websites do you use to gather the daily news of these stocks?

Fawad Zakai says:

Nice Vlog! Thanks for sharing your strategies in entering and exiting trades.

Phạm Tiến says:

🍻Cheers Shay!

Chrollo Lucilfer says:

Do you have tinder?

Mark S says:

Dear Miss Wants a Lambo. I enjoyed yur vids. Here's a huge tip. The Norway oil minister said on Monday that she will probably cut oil production if Russia and Saudi Arabia agree at their Thursday meeting to production cuts. Dozens of countries will be at the Thursday meeting as well. Before the North American stock markets close on Thursday, this possible agreement will be like nitro for everyone in the oil industry and related fields. Wear yur seatbelts, it's going to be a wild ride, especially when May hits and the Covid has dissipated enough to give positive thoughts. Trump was right, just after mid April and after Passover, things will start look great. Thanks for posting from Mark in Toronto.

InventorKnight says:

Wow! The economy has basically stopped yet the market seems like it is making new highs. Welcome to Fed La La Land! I can’t help get the feeling there is a lot of wrong to all of this.

Build Your Money IQ says:

Nice job just found your videos and love your content.

Da Mama says:

I need to replace my laptop and was wondering what kind of computer you use. Most of the laptops I see do not support as many monitors as you seem to have. My downstairs office has a water cooled home build that supports 3 monitors with solid state drives. My upstairs laptop is 10 years old and won't support an upgrade to Windows 10 so a new one is in order. Any advice on an upgrade would be appreciated.

Peggy Chen says:

Hello HT! Could you make a video on how you manage risk and how you decide how many shares to get in when scalping?

Juani Gallardo says:

HALB is running tomorrow

Pastor David Henry says:

Has anyone been following Camber Energy? The announces a merger after there reverse stock split!

Chien Wang says:

Can you make a video of how to short in stocks? Thanks

Mike says:

HT, I've watched your Canadian broker videos. Do you have any opinion on NBDB ( National Bank Direct Brokerage ) now that they have $0.95 per trade for active traders? Maybe you could do a review of them?

Man O Fresh says:

Happy to see that you are also shorting APT for the day. I have been long shorting (covered and shorting long a 2nd time).

Sreten Stanišić says:

Which platform is this?

Clint Coffman says:

Thank you so much for videos.

Matt Gallant says:

So I’m brand new but been trying to learn from all your videos for a weeks straight now still lost lol my biggest thing is how do you actually buy the stock or sell, like on the software where do you click buy ? I’ve been trying mess around with all the apps you recommend but honestly I don’t know how to even use them or what I’m looking at. All the different colour lines make no sense to me. Anyways I’m from Ontario Eh

Deepak Chopra says:

which software is best for indian trader please guide me

Hanan Vaytzman says:

thank you!! love the recap

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