Stock market sell off?

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bangem andleavem says:

easy to find me. im the only one posting actual calls that work. the rest, fags

bangem andleavem says:

gamers and bots fugged em in the ass good

bangem andleavem says:

I called todays bullshit trap perfectly on my stream .

bangem andleavem says:

Everyone I know is making bank. This market is like free money. No one is losing. All trades prosper. Candy.

Josh Galt says:

You would have turned that desk over if you had lost huge.

fauzi hassan says:

why are u so funny?????…

VariedVids says:

Prayer…how to do nothing and still think you're helping.

lomparti says:

Bro, I can totally relate. I live for my patterns

Sned Meister says:

This was a rollercoaster of a vid..!!
I will admit, I was watching the beginning thinking `oh no mate, don't borrow more money when you get hammered`

Glad it all worked out for you.
The first few minutes also had me thinking `this is why I don't trade…`

The last few minutes had me thinking `I should get amongst it` Hahahaha.

Silver Gay Man says:

NQ is within striking distance from all time highs. Although with contract rollover next week I don´t know if itwill be next week. Could be after FOMC on the 16th? who knows? only my real here who is the greatest YouTube trader of all time "Silver Gold man" we have now found excellence in trading with sgm! he is never wrong! He has created a new indicator that just BLOWS my MIND! It´s called…..I know the suspensión is killing everyone…… The Black Line has arrived. Yes it´s called The Black Line. The Black Line can predict anything the day after it happens!


i was buyin on the way down thurs spx, spy calls (months out of course). watched my spx evaporate from 25 down to 17… spy calls go from 8.50 to 6… thinkin boy did i pick a shitty time to get in. later in the day i went to my small account thats rapidly growing bought 2 other spy calls and held over night and made for a nice week.

FreeJack Furlong says:

there's a bit of truth in every joke

Doubil Troubil says:

do you believe that institutions use VWAP Ken?

blinkers88 says:

Knew you were bullshittin from the start lmao

discernment4theSoul says:

oh yeah, what are the odds of having a shooting in cali right before a badass jobs report and we get the rally (Fed rate hike) early, because now EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT ITS ABOUT TO HAPPEN!! all the long "other reportables" on the COT get fucked. Dude if that is just a coincidence….yea whatever

Sharpe Trade says:


By 1:34 … I knew it was going to be a fake-out and he held …


That was awesome …

discernment4theSoul says:

btw, this is chris from texas! I was believing that BS story, and was thinking of sending you a donation!!!! DUDE, you totally got me on that story, seriously you missed your calling, acting is your calling in life bro. I got slammed thursday, and traded S&P mini's last night and made back my losses. It was crazy!

HereYouThrowThisAway Waa says:

you fucker! lol

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