Stock Market Selloff Was Bound to Happen: Wells Fargo's Wren

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Sep.03 — Scott Wren, Wells Fargo Investment Institute senior global equity strategist, discusses the violent stock market selloff on Wall Street. He appears on “What’d You Miss?”


Now & Later says:

She is such a pretty trans woman.

Parzival xby87 says:

It's all bs.

Jefferson says:

You ain't seen nothing yet.

Josh Nalder says:

The consumer is in good shape.
Better than expected

yu says:

In the short term NYSE can only go upwards until the FED can no longer perform

Uhlesse Buna says:

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Thomas Forester says:

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gemini woman0 says:

But need it to sell off more

Louí Lopèz says:

This is the pull back, it’s gone lower, in December of 2018 it pulled back heavy and those were its record highs. Job losses are in the millions now in 2020. Everything is going up and people are not working how does consumerism work if we can’t consume what we don’t have?

Rocky says:

Pullbacks are a great time to buy, buy slow, buy smart, and most important, have fun!

Z Baker says:

Why are the women always asking the questions for men to answer??? Anyone notice this in most finance clips?

Lewis Adobo says:

Thank you mister obvious 🤣

Jung K says:

Oh yeah, normal pull back, very healthy very simple LOL
They insist you hold on to it because those are good stocks to hold.
Wait then why are you pulling out?
Oh because we want retails to have opportunity to buy cheap?
First time in history, they give this kind of information.
They must think everyone is as dumb as a Trumpster, how offensive.

D De says:

Lets all buy KSS, kohls and forget about it. Buy up retail prior to the holiday season.

Joseph Lupo says:

Every stock I bought is down. Who put a Gypsy tears curse on me?

EshmunVideoChannel says:

Equities have always been risk assets and will always be risk assets. But this time around markets are taking the risk for minimal yield return, if you even believe the market yield figures put out by the market. What you essentially have with markets at the moment is low yielding risk in equities that is convertible into debased currencies or manipulated sovereign debt. Not a good deal. The trade of this decade will be tangible assets, hard assets, commodities that aren't part of cartels. That is the inflation trade. After the market crashes the next time it will be followed by a decade long bear market and once the economy recovers the inflation gene will let itself out. High inflation, high interest rates and eventually some normality around 2030.

cogen651 says:

Are these people for real, this market needs to drop another 20%..They act like this is a big deal, just 5 months ago the sp500 was at 2200.. They call this a correction, this is nothing..The market is way over valued.

Mondrayish says:

Thank you captain hindsight.

ASX Investor says:

Definitely a much needed correction as we were looking very over-extended, will be interested to see if it extends into a longer correction or just a buying opportunity

vietimports says:

i would love for some more circuit breakers to be tripped. not because i am shorting everything or plan on buying dips, but because i think it would be hilarious to see people panic again. lets make wall street bleed again

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