Stock Market Trading On The Big Board | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

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The New York Stock Exchange and the Dow Jones Industrial Average trade amid global coronavirus concerns.
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Stock Market Trading On The Big Board | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)


whataboutism says:

Chinese zodiac says this is the year of the 🐁 but turns out its the year of the 🦇!

Kesha Parsons says:

Compare this to the great depression crash and prepare yourself, EVERYONE it's over

Wink org says:


Dixie Wilson says:

Thank you for re-electing our wonderful President! Because the American public are realizing you’re lying and causing the hysteria! Good job!

Michael Hughes says:

Trump is probably wishing he had that trillion dollars that was lost due to tax cuts.

Liz Keith says:

you have to see this video, " DEMOCRATS, YOU DO NOT WANT TO NOMINATE JOE BIDEN." things you may have forgotten

YouTube Waste says:

The empire is bleeding
Time to end this corporate-politician corrupt system that only works for the 1% population

Make Racists Afraid Again says:

Just another Impeached Trump failure.

Jerwyn James says:

Get this system and make money every time the market moves…see the market from a different prospective…yours free….see the configuration here…

Edwin B. says:

Can't wait to see who owns it or owes it.

Norman Taylor says:

He is, the president is lieing as he did to get in the white House. The longer the testing is not done the bigger the spread of this virus killing disease. Everyone, Everybody,every American needs to be tested. This presidency is killing the American dream, The Flu has not done all this, it's this deadly virus and the president's actions against the American people shows he is to blame.

EdricLysharae says:

Gotta love Republicans. They goose the economy to its limit, but just can't quite keep it up until the end of their presidential terms. Any economic disruption was going to trigger this domino effect of sell offs. It just happened to be a virus that started it this time.

Sheil Woodbridge says:

how can you expect the market to keep on when the world is in lockdown ,throughing money onto it is futile

Umair Muawiya Alvi says:

Anyone who wants to learn Online Quran Kareem please contact with us..

UltimateLocke says:

Everyone blaming Trump is just stupid. Trump has no control over whats happening in Italy right now which is just insanity with the number of infected people. The coronavirus is preventing the factors of producing from working, we literally rely on China for so much and because of this virus our trade has been brutally decimated and we aren't getting enough products from China because they are having to close down factories because of the virus. Nothing Trump or any country in the world can do to change this. This is pretty much the United States punishment for relying on a foreign country to for making so much of our products.

This isn't that horrible though. Ebola was far worst and thankfully it was contained in Africa which would of been the case with coronavirus if China was upfront about it but "China" didn't want to risk economic loss by that so they opted to take care of it themselves well they royally screwed themselves.

On the bright side if you have spare cash then once you feel it has hit rock bottom you should invest and just hold for long term. The Coronavirus caused this mess in 2-4 years the market will recover and the gains will be very nice. If you are already invested don't be stupid and sell off or do something crazy the markets always recover and if the markets don't recover then money wouldn't have any value because hyper inflation would happen.

Norman Taylor says:

Who are they cutting these rates for??? And who gets this money???? I need to know so I can get some of this activity.

JD says:

Trump's lying bigot needs to go November,2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Joy Slapped says:

I’m 🤩Shopping at Wall Street 🛍 🛒 like nobody’s business 💪😎

Alex ander says:

CASH is the KING now!

free lunch says:

Only 9% drop? C'mon you greedy wall street , you can do better than that, how about a 4000 drop by lunch time, then I can really start looking for 'cheap stuffs'! ……..blink blink😋

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