Stock Market Update: First Signs The Market Sell-Off Could Be Ending – Paul Mampilly

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Paul Mampilly gives another stock market update on October’s historical market volatility and the first signs that the market sell-off could finally be ending.
The model reality versus reality – Wall Street’s reality is based off models, versus the actual reality that our economy is growing.
The Federal Reserve has no reason to increase interest rates as inflation is under control. We are beginning to see the first signs of investment boom for business, which makes productivity increase. There is the potential that if interest rates increase, you would kill that, and Trump and The Fed are well aware of this.

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Frank Perri says:

Well, I joined your rapid profit trader exactly 1 week ago. Let's find out what you're made of

Tina Gantz says:

I'm trying to determine if we should be "buying" the proverbial dip in our model portfolio holdings.

Stephen Williams says:

Hey Paul, how come you r not commenting on the marijuana stocks? I am almost sure it was you who brought my attention to it long b4 it became so public.

ThePokerSurfer says:

S&P 2765.94 – 2768.38 holding!

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