Stock markets open after another big sell-off

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Trade worries have sent stocks plunging just as interest rates seem poised to rise. Melissa Armo, owner of The Stock Swoosh, explains why the markets are queasy.


ScrappyDabbyJew says:

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Will Robinson says:

There is no climb…usa is in that much debt.

Bob Silver says:

Buy Physical Silver, ASAP!!!

Amy Boyer says:

Look at her trying to get people to buy knowing what is coming… ahhh yes the 1st amendment where you can say anything even if it kills or bankrupt somebody. Note to self I do support the first amendment

Adam says:

Still at a lost for the year

Kwarm Rak Sea Dum says:

Trump is going to be the Grinch that stole x-mas ? if he does this shut down.

bad boy says:

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H Pn says:

Brexit is killing the market!

John Doe says:

Morons. I've lost everything. ???????

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