Stock Operator Timothy Sykes on “An American Hedge Fund”

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Revealing interview clip with Timothy Sykes — successful stock operator and author of the new book “An American Hedge Fund”. Sykes discusses his wish to educate and inspire the general public on financial matters, including a better understanding of investing, specifically regarding hedge funds. Sykes’ book is an engaging memoir that reveals his own personal ups and downs in his efforts to be successful on his own terms in the financial world, as well as his track record of becoming a millionaire while still a young stock operator.

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Edward Hartzell says:

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Y BR says:

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polkaholik says:

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Dale Novak says:

You know what would be really funny…a bus load of hedge fund betters going off a cliff. What would be twice as funny….a second bus load of hedge fund betters going off a cliff. What would be both ironic and funny at the same time…they just filled both buses up with gasoline.

marklung says:

@marklung since you talk about using multiple brokerage accounts to get over the 3 trades/week rule. Also, what is Annualized SI? I've googled but couldn't find the answer haha. Thank you very much for responding!

marklung says:

@timothysykesdotcom WOW you actually reply to your youtube comments? That's so awesome. Anyways, I wanted to ask about how many Covestor subscribers have opened a mirroring account to your Contra-Hype model in Covestor. Your track record is so impressive! I'm really tempted to do the same but $80k seems like a lot of money.

Also, your Covestor account only tracks/handles trades from Interactive Brokers right? Where can I see your other trades made maybe in ThinkOrSwim etc.?

marklung says:

WHY Is this clip so short?! The interview definitely hasn't ended yet right?

marklung says:

@timothysykesdotcom Hey Tim, I'm new to your products and have just bought PennyStocking part deux. Anyways, I hope you can post all of your interviews on your own youtube channel so it's easier for people to see! You're such an interesting and funny guy to watch on DVD. Congrats on all the success!

chasbo13 says:

all these people are wannabbees

chasbo13 says:

wow 2.8 million, youre awesome… can I fuck your ass?

david flores says:

Does anyone know what music is playing for this piece?

Paul Larkin says:

Sykes' Cilantro Fund Partners hedge fund collapsed amid heavy losses.

breon31774 says:

To all dumping on Tim
When did you make your 1st $Million???

I made and lost my 1st $Mil by 25
Then before my 31 B Day
I am at $2.8 Mil

Until you can answer that?

robrown1 says:

Go to UnifiedMarkets.

costamesa22 says:

Not to come across as arrogant but to put this into perspective to those of you who are not in the business three million dollars in capital is a rather nominal sum to be managing a fund. A finincial advisor in private practice ( ie a Finincial Advisor who works for Morgan Stanely, Wachovia Securities, Merrill Lynch ect.) who i would deem as one who has made a sound living would typically have a fifty million dollar book of business on the more conservative end.

observer855 says:

First off,Tim Sykes was never a "Hedge Fund Manager". His company had almost 3 mill in capital, over 2 mill of which was his own, the rest was mostly his parents and a few relatives. If you don't even have 1 million of outside capital, you cannot call your company a "hedge fund". That's like me playing basketball on the local playground-then telling everyone I'm a professional basketball player. If Tim Sykes is a hedge fund manager, then so is EVERY PERSON WHO MANAGES THEIR OWN IRA ACCOUNT!!

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