Stock Trading: How To Paper Trade With A Purpose

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Paper trading is one of the most powerful tools you can use as a trader. Whether you are new or have been trading for years and want to work on a new strategy, paper trading has many uses. With this being said, if it is not done correctly, it can lead you to false confidence and fools gold. This video will show you how to paper trade with a purpose.

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360atGOD says:

hey clay have you tried the RH app yet ?

Jacob Weber says:

Investopedia has a very nice "Virtual Trading" tool.

TheReal Johne says:

Thank you first of all for doing this and helping us new traders learn to paper trade the market! I was looking to try the spreadsheet for trading the Emini futures, however the calculations for the tick amount per ES movement does not match to the calculations on the spreadsheet (since the value per tick is $12.50). any chance you can help me in this area if I trade the ES or the dow mini?

joseph facada says:

thinkorswim paper trading sucks. I can never get out of my position when i place limit orders even if they are way cheaper than the asking price. It is so frustrating and ridiculous.

BarbieGirl says:

Thanks a ton for this!!!

Ed says:

Hello Clay, do you not get charged $9.99 per sell trade as they are being traded individually on different days rather than all 500 at once? $9.99×4 or $6.95×4? Thanks

Matthew Kidd says:

Hey Clay, I'm currently saving up some cash to take the plunge into CTU. Seeing how much you stress the importance of paper trading in the podcasts I came over to this video to check it out to see if I could give it a go. I have absolutely no experience in the market but I want to be as productive as possible while I'm only able to save up. Is it worth trying to paper trade with no knowledge or experience? Would I just be picking up bad habits due to a lack of any strategy?

SKYZER says:

I want to learn trading but I don't know from where to begin.
I familiarised myself with basic terms situated with trading and want to learn more.

journeyhall1 says:

I got the spreadsheet but it doesn't work on my iPad. It is in read only mode

journeyhall1 says:

Thanks…so much info

Tanner Ewoldt says:

Hey Clay, I've been trading for free on robinhood for about 6 months now and Ive been stuck at 1k the whole time. Now I have watched a lot of your videos on here and they helped me a lot. I took all your charts and wrote em down as well cause i thought they pretty cool as well. And now, you finally talked me into paper trading! Thanks bro!

Stanley Laden says:

Thanks for the video, /going to look into more of what you have to offer for sure.!

Martin Ferruggiaro says:

Hey Clay, you are just counting 9,99 comission only for buying, and for selling you don't pay comission?

jack boba says:

yeah tal about imagination making imaginary million dollars …

jack boba says:

Hey man shave u look like a bum…that sucks asss

irina ionescu says:

This was very helpful..i am going to start watching all your make it so easy to understand ..

emmanuel rosel says:

Nice video man. The only that I didn't understand was per Trade or Share Commission

arupian666 says:

Maybe it's just me, but I paper traded for about 2 days, got bored, and jumped in… my first Iron Condor was "in the wild" and was a BUZZ ! Hahahaha, it WAS a 2 standard deviation trade, mind you… mid 90% probability of success… about a week before expiration… made me about $30 after commissions… But it was REAL trading, with REAL money and REAL fear, lol !

Julian Mata says:

thanks clay this video really gives me somewhere to start as far as gaining experience.

Zemichal Belette says:

200th like!!!!

dont judge me

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