Stock Trading Quick Tip: The “Penny Stock Pick” Scam Exposed

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It does not take very long when trading penny stocks (especially if you hang around on Twitter, Facebook, message boards, etc.) until you come across the tried and true “stock pick” scam. While it is most prevalent in the world of penny stocks, the concept still holds true for stocks on any exchange. In this Quick Tip lesson I expose how this scam works and why the majority of people will lose money, particularly those who are brand new to the market.

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Charlie “Chucky” Smyt says:

Or called a pump and dumb stock. If you can ride the wave it's good but best to get in and make 5-10 % if at all and just get out.

DAhil Mase (DahilMazter) says:

So can't you just short the stock then?

Cali Love says:

Great video! Currently watching an exact duplicate P.A.D. type stock right now where they have done everything you mention here, PLUS one more thing that made no sense…. The stock ticker symbol changed mid week, with a 5th letter added, before quickly going back to a 4 letter symbol. What kind of advantage does that give a pump and dump penny stock scam?

lee Pitts says:

Keep it up guy… new to trading but you help me to gain 2,000.00 in profits on my very first trade…..don't stop the videos man.. …thanks

tin yeung says:

why is there no comment at all!? I mean this guy is real good at his stuff, nice work!

astafzciba says:

Thank you clay for this lectures it's really helpful,

Eugenexgates 96 says:

What if I choose to buy at the duration they claim they're still doing their "research"? Would it mean that im also filling up the opportunity triangle at lowest point possible? 

Anna Smart says:

What do you think about this one?: APPYEA – APYP

Anna Smart says:

Love this Clay!

kyng George says:

How or where do you know when stocks are being hyped up?

David Tan says:

Great video,Clay.I never take any suggestion on promoter,but most all your video is useful.Thank you for sharing

Hunter Wade says:

YIPI June 5 2015 invest in it

Daniel B says:

Stock trading quick tip: Clay Trader has never traded professionally in his life.

Maverick Oxenator says:

Wow this is spot on haha, I've seen this first hand (by observing) but you put it into perfect context, thanks.

sergei z says:

The pickers are the same guys advertising the stock so you do buy at the peak.

sergei z says:

Pump and dump scheme at its finest.

Luc Van Steen says:

Stock pools or also referred to as brokerage pools.

Luc Van Steen says:

Modern version of the "stockpools" in the 20's

William Lee says:

Thanks for your videos! Locked in my profits based on your videos…. I actually saw someone bashing you a bit on IHUB saying it was your groups fault that the stock wasn't moving up, which sent me a signal to get out lol definitely knew I was sitting in the Lying zone.. Already had profits since I came in @ trip 0's  .. sold at.0028… when I think of it I I think I should've sold it when I was up $800 at .0040 a couple weeks back..but I got emotional/greedy and was waiting for the .01 run… Thanks again for the vids helps out a lot.

Ryan McKinney says:

haha "blaming aliens" made me laugh, love your informative videos and thank you so much for everything.

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