Stock Volume: What You Should Look For

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Stock volume is a key indicator that should be on your trading radar. But what exactly should you look for? Too many newbie traders don’t actually know. So before you fall into the press release trap, let me explain a few things…

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What do you do with stocks that don’t have a lot of volume?

I’ve seen a lot over the years. A lot of BS, hype, hope and more … and none of it has anything to do with strategy. And I’ve been trading for over 20 years now and teaching for about 10.

When you’re looking for stocks to trade, you want to find stocks with a lot of volume or movement. Liquidity is so important.

Too many newbie traders think they’ve found an ‘undiscovered gem’ because of a press release or a new product. They think they’re onto something that everyone else is missing out on … But honestly, they’re usually not.

The market will tell you what’s hot. The market will tell you what matters. If a stock’s going up with big volume, it’s in play. That makes it more predictable. It’s way harder, and riskier, to play a stock with little volume to no volume.

You have no idea how accurate a press release is. You don’t know what you don’t know. I like to focus only on things that I do know.

Over the years, I’ve learned some key rules. I focus on actively traded penny stocks. I like stocks that trade a few million shares a day or, at worst, a few hundred thousand shares a day. I don’t trade stocks that trade around only a few thousand shares per day.

Focus on the patterns that you know in actively traded penny stocks. Heck, you don’t have to stick to penny stocks, but volume is super important. Whatever you trade, I think you should go for stocks that are in play. Remember to look for volume!

What volume so you look for before you trade? When do you plan to start using a stock screener? I love to hear your trading experiences — leave a comment!

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John Magilke says:

Seen one like this this morning VEII. . . NO VOLUME

Gedalia Niasoff says:

if u see volume increased u check the news to check if that volume had news related for more accurate trade, and also if your ego increased u check if theres news release base on that, I was just joking

Anik Dutta says:

Hey Tim… Can you say something on the Indian stock market !!!!

Henry Craig says:

Knowledge supports growth and performance.

Michael Henderson says:

How does trading penny stocks relate to sports betting? Sports betting is legal in several states now…

Jessica Emerson says:

Perfect timing on this video! I was watching a stock this morning that was a % gainer with good news but it had no volume and tanked right out of the gate!

Kaye DeLeon says:

I'm lol that you feel old, because you made fun of old people at one of your seminars in Vegas!

Tyler Peacock says:

Stock "volume" haha

J Z says:

Haha Dammit! I've done that

Jordan Reed says:

July 1st I saw IEA up like 80% premarket and it had traded no shares on the day at that time, this was at 6:30 Central. But it was The biggest % gainers on the day, as we got closer to the market open it quickly caught up and surpassed all the other % gainers with good premarket volume (200-1000k). It had a volume Spike and was the best single that day 2.30 to 3.30’s in like 5 minutes it was beautiful. But like I said before when I saw it , it had literally not traded any shares on the day yet. I always like to look at the biggest % gainer on the day, even if the volume isn’t there yet because I know other traders are watching. $OASM was today’s biggest % gainer up 50% premarket with little volume and went from the 1.80’s to 3.40 within 4 minutes of the market opening. It got halted and quickly crashed soon after , but it still presented a pretty good dip buy at the mid 1.90’s with the next top being in the 2.30’s.

I didn’t trade either lol! I traded SLS today Dip bought it at .2299/share and sold at .2450/share across 7000 shares, not a whole lot but still a great trade IMO because I’m recognizing the dip buying opportunities! Because I work my fucking ass off!!!!!!


Thanks again Tim see you at the top

—Jordan Reed

Bzilla Whoop says:

Fcel had amazing volume this week🤑🤳

eXtreme Growth says:

I swing trade so I can tolerate lulls a little bit more, but even so I don't trade less than 500K average daily volume. Good advice for all.

SMWCEnjoirider says:

Using the new trial of STT and within the first night im already loving it. Im taking full advantage of having access to the STT University to grow my knowledge as best as i can. Thanks a ton Tim, as always!

Owen Walker says:

I dont like trading anything less than a million volume. I wanted to short retail with an etf and I found one that traded at like 10,000 a day. No thanks.

JJ V says:

No hold and hoping! Always follow up with the past patterns!

RobinHood Day Trading says:

If No volume Go to Stock Twits And start pumping…

JJ V says:

I was just thinking this my good sir. Having a good amount of volume in a stock would be easier to get in a out .

Errin Waller says:

You only trade high volume and catalyst stocks only

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