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When it comes to option trading, most people think of buying them for speculative trades. tastytraders take the other side, and prefer to sell options. Our probability of success is higher, and we give ourselves the ability to make money even if we’re directionally wrong. Tune in to learn more!

Trading can be a full time job, but it doesn’t have to be! Tune in to see how Mike Butler trades around his job with efficiency!


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ColinTrades says:

Awesome post get that cash !!

Mechanic Guy says:

These are all good things but in cases of volatility you should be familiar with the stocks history and watch the IV rank before you even get into the trade. I made so many mistakes for so so long. I’m still wrong all the time but straddles in a small trading account are really a huge help. Especially for the humongous credits.

kodeshian1 says:

For retail traders options should be used as insurance for the underlying imho. The numbers are stacked against you buying/selling naked options.

manictiger says:

Some of this isn't all that accurate. I am extremely good at picking stocks and timing my exit-reentry in them.
There is no 'gamble'. I'm a veritable card counter, armed with years of experience (that there is no substitute for).

I suppose it's very tricky and not pain-free, but I highly doubt options are any 'easier'.
I'm only thinking about using options as a way to get extra positions in the stock market when the money is tied up elsewhere–
So, making money while making money.

But personally, I will probably not trade options. It's too meta for me.
Short-selling is as meta as I'll go.
K.I.S.S. Keep It Stupidly Simple

Amit G says:

thanks a lot for making these videos, every time there is more to learn from you

Wookie Goldberg says:

to play the devils advocate, there's also a fraction of the liquidity when trading options over the underlyings. so.. unless you're ready to exercise every win and shell out the full exercise value, you're limited in your ability to exit a position.

freethinker52 says:

hi do you guys make any real money selling options for pennies?

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