Stocks erase 2018 gains in triple-digit sell-off

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Ben Mandel, JP Morgan global market strategist, and Brian Levitt, Oppenheimer Funds senior investment strategist, discuss their take on markets as stocks plunge in another sell-off.

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shlakser says:

When CNBC says something I do the opposite !!!

xxxchurch100 says:

These guys would say anything … fake news !!
Here comes the train wreck .

John 3 : 16 …. the only truth .

Lasno Haja says:

Too many too hide among American companies when they got trouble with "Legal Matters and Breaking The Public Orders". And the Money has it own order when you ignored the public trust.

Leon Flames says:

Trump is killing America while him and his buddies are getting rich

Colin Yapp says:

Let there be a global hiccup and we will be in a recession.

b0nedry says:

JPMorgan takes bailout money even though they helped create the 2008 financial crisis, then gives their corrupt CEO a huge bonus for navigating the bailout, yet we continue to see them on these shows giving us advice. Yea, this all makes a lot of sense. Ignore the mainstream media and you'll be much better off

Serenia 9 says:

As an investor do the exact opposite of everything they say.

trump HELL 666 says:

You wanted trump and his trade war, now you've got it! Hahahahahahahaaaaaaa! Buh-bye American Stock market! : )

wjdonner says:

So the public has to believe that even though the parachute fails to function the fall is under control.

Camelot says:

How do these analysts talk about a fake economy, fake gains, and fake job growth everyday? Kind of sad.

theden0minat0r says:

We will look back at this video in 4 years only to realize that these people have no idea what they are talking about.


Banksters in flesh, disgusting guys, they are selling it no matter what…

grimm reaper says:

china exports good to US for debt papers. I think china has enough of US Tbills. china can wait this out or just walk.

why keep a bad marriage going? short term pain. the other markets will more than make it up over time.

Jerry Mathurin says:

A whole lot of gibberish. All talking about fake money moving around for rich people

roberto ribas says:

Morons again. “Clarity” the fed has been entirely clear, they aren’t going to keep giving free money forever. Assets are re pricing when compared to low interest rates as opposed to zero or negative real rates.

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