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1. Love thy CHAD as you love yourself. Be positive. Respectful. Remember treat yourself that way.

2. No rocket ships. If uncertain of this rule, avoid rocket ships at all costs.

3. If you get banned, you must be reborn, your sins are forgiven however you must shed your old name. Everyone is always welcome to learn and contribute, everyone will be treated the same, you will often notice despite the name the same behavior/disrespectfulness/rudeness will always get banned. We ban the behavior not the person.

4. DO NOT FLEX GAINS. You can if you post the trade before hand and overall just mention the thesis towards it. Indiscriminate flexing results in a ban.

5. DO NOT FLEX LOSSES. Same as rule above, we do not encourage a culture of glorifying losses or hyper focusing on the negative.

6. DO NOT JOKE ABOUT FITNESS / PUSHUPS. During our holy hourly exercises it is extremely encouraged to only discuss what physical activity you have done. Joking about or joking around this time is a zero-tolerance zone. I am telling you now, your joke about it already isn’t good, exercise extreme caution in what you say during this time.

7. Be respectful during the 11 @ 11. You are not the one speaking in front of everybody, you know nothing about these people. Any side eye or shade during a phone call will result in an instant ban.

8. None of these trades are a recommendation to make a trade or financial investment, even if I say this is a recommendation I am talking to myself or one of my personalities. Stream alerts are not trade alerts, they are literally alerts of what is happening on stream. Copying my trades will most likely result in a loss. You can make the same trades as me, sure, but you are not me and your mindset is different, assume I am going to lose on every trade.

9. Like the video & subscribe, if you’re a real OG make sure you turn off ad-block. If you’re not on the main channel, you’re playing yourself.

10. If you simply follow rule #1 it encompasses every single rule and you won’t have to worry about anything. If something is wrong with the feed or you have suggestions on stuff that should be included or done differently, constructive criticism is always welcome. Complaining is not. We like solutions not focusing on problems!

11. CALLING PEOPLE OUT: Keep it positive and respectful. If someone else is breaking the rules or you disagree with what they are saying or have any differences whatsoever, IF YOU CALL THEM OUT NEGATIVELY you will get clapped.

This is all live and in real-time, feel free to ask any questions about trading. If I don’t answer it is probably because I am in my zone trading given the current market environment, I will get to your question whenever I have an opportunity. Good luck trading and understand this stream is for educational purposes. Do not copy the trades. Option trading is really risky and you are more than likely going to lose your money copying anything you see on this stream or channel. Consult with a professional before making any financial investment.

Trading on 4 different platforms: Etrade pro (screen shown), tastyworks (also shown), Robinhood options (progress on main channel), and my main portfolio.


#StockMarket #Robinhood #DayTrading

DISCLAIMER: These videos are for educational purposes only. Nothing in this video should be construed as financial advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any sort of security or investment. Consult with a professional financial adviser before making any financial decisions. Investing in general and options trading especially is risky and has the potential for one to lose most or all of their initial investment


Apollo Reez says:

i dont see the new live stream

Calisthenics Herbivore says:

It's getting harder and harder by the day to come onto livestream in the morning – youtube isn't showing your videos anymore

bala t says:

How can i join live session ? Please suggest

Mitrofan Yermakov says:

Stock options still making me huge profits

Eva tv says:

joun us and create you channel at

Jorge Moreno says:

What’s the point of this video. You didn’t show any live trades. You didn’t execute any orders. You didn’t show any entry or exit points . Your Robinhood account your loosing more money than what your making in options …again wtf did I just watch but you with a screen up for 6 hours

Frank Lesinski says:

Hi, love the Work Your Doing! Thank YOU!!! I'm New…. only have +1C UUP28.50 and +1C TLT @ 160 Can I maximize earnings somehow. like you did in you ghetto spread video ?

Sebastian Jaramillo Sato says:

Heyy Josh could you make shorter videos?

Christian Logsdon says:

UUP is uuuup after hours bruh

Tyler says:

cool video keep it up

Joshua Harris says:

josh i have a question, what if our government decided to go cashless? trump could easily say bank notes have the virus on them and we will make them illegal to possess? think about it for a minute!

CoinFlipLunatic says:

Ok so on TIF he got in the $135 C @ .50 then it blipped up to $3.00? I got in at the same price should I keep an eye on it to pop back up again?

marsack7 says:

Where can I go to get stock numbers that are live or up to date. Why don't you post them?

Law Mon says:

Tons of people lost on this play …. something was not explained properly …. but to be fair I am still up a ton because of dude so I will take this as a learning experience …..

Jorge Varela says:

Can you explain what happened with Tiff? Are calls over 135 still good or just at 135 or below?

capullo55 says:

Damnn I lost 140 on tiff bruhh I mest upp

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