Stocks & Options: Trading Education is a Scam‏

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Yes. You read the title right. Someone who sells trading courses is calling education a scam. Is this the smartest move on my part from a business/marketing perspective? Probably not. With that being said, there are some huge misconceptions out there regarding trading and education that need to be addressed and discussed.‏

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Joe Marra says:

clay you need a line up lol good video

Stephen C. says:

great vid

Ryan Evans says:

+Ipro Dev Well that is an embarrassing comment.

SexyBeam7 says:

We need more people like you. Thanks

Bobby M says:

Very well explained Clay, and it's very true. Keep up the good work.

ken p says:

Ipro, did you watch the video or just look at the title and comment? The point of the video is that Education is the flashlight that illuminates the path for possible success. Any program guaranteeing you more is simply snake oil. Think about it… There are no guarantee's that a law degree equates to a 7 figure salary with a Maybach in the garage. Just like a marketing degree doesn't mean that you'll be the next Nike account executive representing Kobe Bryant. It takes continued effort, sacrifice, and dedication to break out of the square's of fundamental learning and apply it to the circle of consistent success… least this is what I took from the video.

ClayTrader says:

+Ipro Dev I think you missed the point of the video. Education is a HUGE part of becoming a well rounded trader, but there are still aspects that are completely up to YOU as a trader.

Joe Cuellar says:

Realistic expectations!
Get rich in the stock market after taking a course is NOT realistic.
Well said Clay!  Keep up your good work!!

Assassin 404 says:

Then Where should one getting the education from, if they are scams. From you then this puts u in the same category. 

Nicolas Sazunic says:

Great and realistic advice!

Aaron Brown says:

very honest video clay. respect! But you do offer a lot of free education for the motivated ones keep it up! Thank you

Steven Johnson says:

very good video,  thank you.

Minalover100 says:

Thanks for the honesty….

kinta kinta says:

good stuf

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