Stocks plunge at open as sell-off steepens

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CNBC’s Bob Pisani looks ahead at the day’s market action.


Emperor'sNewClothes says:

The stock to GDP as i understand it is still VERY high!

osc says:

Glad I sold my entire portfolio the last few weeks. I made a killing on gold, platinum, and palladium, silver isnt doing bad either. I'm getting rich on this mess!!!!!

Ely Pevets says:

Current estimates of how many died from the Spanish Flu pandemic beginning 1918: from 50 to 100 million. Many of them did not die from the virus itself but from fluid in the lungs created by a body's immune system working overtime. What is most disheartening about the Coronavirus is the country's disorganized preparedness and outright lies about its spread.

Jake Stanford says:

Im loving this dip in the market. Been in the market for a couple year but havent bought much at all over the last year. Lots companies coming down to nice valuations

SandraS1397 says:

I'm no financial expert so please explain why people panic instead of just holding tight and riding it out. It literally makes no sense to me. The markets aren't going to be down forever.

J R says:

Repeat of 2008? Repugnant-cons destroy the economy & balloon the national debt, hand off to the Democratic policies that fix the mess (Bernie Sanders). This time let's hold on to the government and grow the middle class and fix the environment and expand white collar corruption laws. NO BAILOUTS!

brian91145 says:

This baby is going to 13k

Mike Pict says:

At least we pimped all the white girls to blacks before the reset . Phew that was 50 years well spent

Mr Underhill says:

Greg Mannarino is a good one to follow for better advice with the explanation for why he believes it so you can do yourown research and agree or disagree – I like him – I watch him on you tube

Tony Faxton says:

Hello Mr. Cramer, I bought stocks yesterday because you said it's time not to panic and buy the dip. Thanks to you, I've lost more money.

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