Stocks post sharp losses in biggest selloff of 2018

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Portfolio Wealth Advisors CIO Lee Munson and Kelly & Co. managing partner Kevin Kelly discuss the market’s biggest selloff of 2018.


Stewart James says:

Funny this happend right after they released a list of all the rich russian gangsters that are ruining their own country.

Joseph Blair says:

Isnt the point of buying stocks is to buy, watch it grow and sell and make money, then you buy and watch it grow and sell?

centpushups says:

Could have positioned yourself with VXX or UVXY. Had a strong pull up today

cj57romulus says:

Just a adjustment plus everyone taking a breather. It will continue to grow.

The Dog says:

The market is similar to how it was in 1928, the dollar is continually losing value, rates are increasing…a crash is coming

River City MOVERS says:

Oh Yeah. Keep talkin' it up. Just like the Crypto market. A red sea of doubt. But the crypto barkers talk it up big no matter what happens. No matter how far of a drop.

Hawk's Mountain Adventure Vlogs With Dogs says:

no, it's the rich democrats making money on Trump's work. And then when everything goes down, or some of them fail, they will blame Trump, its all a roundabout set of crap.

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