Stocks Sell-Off | Are we setting up for a bear market?

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David Lincoln says:

Hi DataDash. I am a pro options trader. I would love to appear on your show to tell people what the vix is and how it gives us clues as to what the stock market will do…. I will PM your channel with my info. Thanks. Dave

Irina Grothe says:

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alessandracirri says:

Awesome Awesome video. 360 view of the mkt love it

timkug says:

Great job, easy to listen to and understand. I hope you are right, I am more pessimistic and see a stock crash of 60%, possibly pulling down housing and crypto with it. All I really want is crypto to go back up. A huge crash is in no one's best interest.

Mike Gman says:

Definitely awesome information. I would watch more stock market videos from you. Thanks for your great videos.

Ken Smith says:

Two points:
1) I think it is bad to call the increase in stock price due to buy backs as "artificial" . When a company have money to invest, it looks around at the best place to invest. If there is unmet demand or other things indicating that adding capacity is the best option, they will tend to do that. If their stock looks cheap and they see no unmet demand, buying back the stock makes sense. This the stock buyback is a result of a reasonable choice based on the current market situation.
2) You missed a reason for concern that many others spotted early. Starting late in 2016, the labor markets have been tightening. The nice effect of this is that people are starting to see wages go up. The down sides are an increased risk of inflation and a bit of drag on growth. The federal government just did a new tax bill that adds $1.5T on top of the structural deficit. The nice effect is that it tends to stimulate but it carries a significant risk of pushing up inflation. If inflation is seen, interest rates are increased to combat it. Higher interest rates will put a downward pressure on the growth because businesses will have a greater cost on borrowing to expand. The combined effect is that many investors are moving some money towards "inflation safe" areas.

Anaesthete says:

Thanks so much DD. Your info is so thorough and genuinely helpful. Your providing an honest and invaluable service to so many of us. I couldn't do it without you so thank you once again! 🙂

Karen Rittenhouse says:

FINALLY! An explanation of the U.S. economy that makes sense to me. Our over inflated and continuing upside markets have confused me for years. Where's the real value? Oh, there isn't any…. A correction is an absolute must and has been falsely prevented for far too long. Thanks for giving us encouraging words about how to survive the downturn. I'm heavily into real estate and survived the 2008 downturn with a lot of newfound wisdom! I'm not fearful, just ever vigilant with how to protect my micro economy. Thanks, again, Nicolas.

Noam Dana says:

Thanks Nick, your knowledge is endless. nice easy and clear. lovelyyyyy

Tj Nichols says:

Datadash, can you please do a video on the Icon ERC20 token swap once it becomes available? Please and thanks

nmak nmak says:

Wow.. best video with so much information of stocks and crypto currency… keep up the good work,,,

Roti Wokeman says:

Excellent addition and reminder for us all.

Daniel K says:

Nick! As a stock and crypto owner I absolutely loved this! I really hope you do more of these videos because you're the one that actually puts everything into perspective in a language I can understand. Please please please do more of these from time to time. Really enjoyed the correlation of stocks and crypto. Thanks again!

Andre Falken says:

Thx for the stock markt … covering

G M says:

I would like a deeper explanation, if someone can provide it, why the "institutions", as you have mentioned, cannot access bitcoin? Are there some special rules in places for traders, is it because exchanges aren't up to standards that stock exchanges are, or something else? Thanks

Kolawole Alaba says:

As someone who has no financial knowledge or in-depth understanding it's great for videos like this to come up. Obviously quite a bit went over my head but I understand enough to peak my interest in wanting to understand not just the crypto market but further a field. Keep this types of videos coming as I feel like people need to be kept informed on what the big players are up to and how the global economy is affected. Especially for a n00b like myself. Thanks Nick

It Sme says:

Really great to hear you talk about the global markets and not just global crypto market.

bockjrnl says:

Thinking about this lately: schould we short the stock market? Any strategies?

dekompression says:

@datadash Nick, you mentioned the unemployment rate as a factor affecting the market volatility, but have you heard the many mentions online about the low unemployment rates being somewhat fictitious in that they only count those currently looking for work and not large majorities of unemployed who are not looking?

Kevin Turner says:

I was distracted by your Windows 10 needing to be activated. 😛

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