Stocks surge back after yesterday's sell-off, but can you trust the bounce

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Stocks snap back as the Dow jumps 200 points. With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Tim Seymour, Chris Verrone, Steve Grasso and Guy Adami.


Norman Wilkinson says:

The markets are held up with hot air.

Dennis Nelson says:

China love's our media. 63,000,000 plus working class voter's needed a voice also. Our media only cares about the 1%. Wait till Bernie is President

Nuno Alexandre says:

buy the dip…

Africa Plus says:

I won't be surprised to learn in the future that CNBC&CNN are lobbied by Wall Street guru receiving corrupt money from China/CCP

Tom Mallard says:

Of course profit-taking puts the numbers back up, yet, no real fundamentals have changed, all those profits are phantom wealth, no value was added to gain the profits.

It's a great skim game for those with the resources to make a killing; meanwhile, rent and food costs went up, wages are permanently below the needs thus half of the world doesn't have "disposable income" anymore.

Note especially that retailing is folding up, the homeless suicide rate climbs while Wall Street plays skim games and funds wars like opiates, part of addictive revenue streams.

Clint Epps says:

How does this lot sleep at night?

begley09 says:

And look at that, markets went up again today.

Only The Best 10 Minute Loops says:

I don't know why i waste my time with this shit. A bunch of idiots saying a bunch of nothing like they know what they're talking about.

Deff Pluto says:

CNBC and RSI tho….

Summer Flash Sale says:

If debt is free and prices don't correct, I will monetize your entire life, make sure you guys understand what you promote!

Summer Flash Sale says:

bulltrap! Wait for it! this shit is going! 100%! even if the china trade goes through it will not support the amount of de leveraging needed or the amount of stimulus needed! either way the Fed is in a bad position and the "great trade deal" was already baked into the cake! China has absolutely 0 incentives to trade with us on any term other than a better one than before (for them). The economy is 100% in an earnings recession, these debt bubbles must pop! Otherwise there is a nasty way to make Americans realize the storm they themselves are creating. You would rather it correct now than after hyperinflation or price gouges trust me! #venezuela2020

noman Amjad says:

Your stock market is nothing but a scam to take money from the small investors and give it to the big ones. People do not invest in stock markets.

corvettez06usa says:

Dead cat. Never underestimate the power of Trump tweets. Whenever my IRA gets a good step up he makes sure to start something with China to stomp it out.

alex vasquez says:

God Bless Our President Trump 2020 =)


Just another day on fraud st

Jedi Master says:

These guys are idiots

Keegan Penney says:

You cant trust it. Quick gains can be made but it's all turning bearish

Etienne Scarbinski says:

Double top market was going to correct regardless

梁林 says:



30,000 Dow by summertime economy on fire – Trump just getting started

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