Stocks will plunge 40% in next market crash: Harry Dent

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“Zero Hour” author Harry Dent reacts to the wild market price swings and says the markets have been running around in a bottom trend line.


Rosalina Ayala says:

Trump's friend calls him and says Hey Don we want to buy back some of our stock with the nice tax cut money you gave us. So can you tank the market a little so my stock will be cheaper.Trump says no problem I'm waiting till it hits bottom myself. After I buy I'll bring it back up with some good news, like making up with our friend Canada.

berserker says:

when he made the prediction price continued up 12%. And the crash in februrary took it back to november levels when he made the prediction.

Mike Mian says:

WOW – so wrong!

MrGiggity890 says:

LOL! This dude is a fucking hack. He says this shit every month. Obviously you're going to "nail it" on occasion.

"The market is going to go up and go down. If it goes up, it could be time to get out."
– Harry Dent

LOL, dude just stop. Markets go up and down all the time. Selling is for pussies.

Your Videos Are Fake News says:

Warning: Harry Dent is a complete clown. The media only interviews guys who are always wrong in order to help their Wall Street buddies take YOUR money. Watch these videos that show Dent's terrible track record

Jane Booth says:

I love you stock boys .

Jane Booth says:

awesome. it's like sex pulling out in time is best … staying long term is Spock job. right Michael Lee Chin.

Matt Johnson says:

I guess Fox Business has never heard of Peter Schiff.

Peter M says:

I think he might be right. But before that, we'll rally (wave 5), another 10K on the Dow, maybe we'll hit 12K on the NASDAQ before we reach the temporary 'top' and drop 40%.

Where is the $700 gold he predicted? The guy is clueless.

Est Ban says:

Harry Dent is so full of shit he makes Hercules' Augean stables look like a mere dirty diaper. In other words you could smell his stench a mile away. If you pay heed to the diarrhea spewing from his odoriferous orifices you will lose all your hard-earned money, He makes money selling his worthless and endless supply of diarrhea to the naive which perceive it to be knowledge. He did have an investment fund at one time. Deluded by the tons of shit that comprises his persona, the fund lost millions and shortly closed down. Given the high concentration of shit, the EPA should incinerate him for reason of public health but only after dousing him in gallons of urine to quell his shitty smell. FUCK OFF DENT!!

PRO HEN says:

Hopefully the stock market will completely go away. Maybe we can get this country back on track, if you don't have it in your hand you don't have it plain and simple.

Joyce Koch says:

Mr.Bubble no longer makes bath time fun.

bart beullens says:

MGTA : Make Trumpdepression Great Again

jack winston says:

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W 058 says:

if Obama was president, fox news puppets wouldn't be smiling an the market plummets.

ergonomic says:

It will drop by 400%

drmodestoesq says:

He should start marketing his books on kindle with a special built in app. Every month it changes all the dates of doom to a year into the future.
Oh, scratch that idea. You'd only sell one book. With his current strategy you can just keep churning them out year after year. With a sucker being born every minute there's a limitless supply to replace the old ones who have died or finally learned their lesson.

CoinHeads says:

Seriously the sky is falling Dent has been wrong for over a decade. At a certain point he needs to just give it a rest as he said this samething at 10k. This is not a crash, this is a correction. The economy is strong.

kosmosleha says:

I wonder how may books with different crash dates he wrote

Kevin Hawley says:

Tariffs will make it worse.

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