Strategy for Trading Fibonacci Retracements and Extensions in a Trend

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don McNish says:

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Jesse Jackson says:

#1, that's an awesome tool. I wonder if FXCM has one similar to it. Can you do a demo again, but add the ABCD? I always have problems drawing the correct AB leg

dfwnorthwest says:

using the trend based fib extension, the tool wants you to create 3 points not 2.  Where does the 3rd point go?  Your only showing 2 points being created on the extensions?

momothebored says:

1. After the first leg, why shouldn't you just use trend lines instead?

2. How do you tell which fibo level to use? It's nice that this example worked out, but why fibo 50% and not something else? If there was any consistency in retracements, then aren't you back to pount 1 about trading the trend lines instead?

momothebored says:

Hi just curious.

If the retracement doesn't come down to your buy level, aren't you screwed?

e.g. you're waiting to buy at the 50% retracement, but it doesn't come down at all until much higher than expected.

What would your contingency be?

I face this problem

mmroberts07 says:

Nice explanation, thanks… keep up the good work.

Karthik Karkera says:

You are Awesome… Gud Work…

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