Stuck in Florida

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Stuck in Florida

I know I’m looking wild, I just got off the water, my kids had a sailing regatta right here behind me.

It doesn’t look like it right now, but out there it was really, really windy. As you can see, wild hair 🙂

Anyhow, we had a sailing regatta over the last three days, and we were planning to head back to Austin, TX today, but what I just noticed today is there’s an antarctic blast.

You don’t see it here in Florida, but it seems that the roads are super icey, and I feel it would be very dangerous to drive back because the way I’m traveling is in a 44ft RV with a 32 ft trailer behind it.

So at 76 ft. long & 35,000lbs I don’t feel it is safe to drive this on these icy roads.

So we’re waiting out the winter blizzard here, and as you can see it’s quite beautiful right?

So We’ll stay here until the end of the week, but this also means I won’t be able to do Coffee With Markus this week.

I’ll see if I can shoot a few videos for you this week which will be tricky since I’m not at my studio.

We will be back to our normal schedule next week, and I’m very much looking forward to this. I will keep you posted on what’s happening here with this.

Stay safe where ever you are right now, stay off the roads, that’s what I’m doing, and I will see you very soon.

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F10 says:

Enjoy your time with your kids Markus. Power outages are horrible here!

Johnny says:

Many families in some Texas cities suffering from the cold due to power outages to protect the grid. Better check and see how Austin will be doing.

Sir Jeffrey Simpson says:

How fun enjoy the journey!

rebecca anderson says:

Enjoy your time in the sun!

AK 47 says:

yeah don't do it,I'm in Fort Worth and its a mess. The first day above freezing is friday! I would wait till at least sunday!

TheMaddy152 says:

Stay safe Markus and enjoy your time

Graeme Wright says:

Stay safe Markus!! Marlene & I will keep you in our prayers.

Steve Bangiyev says:

Stay safe, Marcus!

FireMipSpy says:

So good to see you wearing a color other than black. Taste the rainbow!

Marina Griffiths says:

It's horrible here. Stay where you are 😂

George Hav says:

Stuck in Florida, must be horrible

steven porter says:

Thanks for keeping us up to date, be safe, and see you next week

Alex Cameron says:

Stay safe and enjoy your vacation!

TheYoyozo says:

Enjoy our gorgeous weather and be safe.

wellnessnyc says:

Be careful getting back to Texas!!!! Drive safe!!!

Allen Ash says:

What a great place to be stuck!

Matthieu Loiselle says:

Have fun Markus and sit on your hands with the weather LOL! 🙂

Michele Daaé says:

You are so lucky! You don't want to be in TX right now. DFW is a mess. I'm sure Austin is, too. Enjoy the sunshine.

John Saleem says:

Hey Dr. Markus! Please give us a tour of your camper, and the trailer just like they do it with Tiny House vlogs. I am sooooooooooo saaaaaaaaaadddd that you are stuck in a nice warm place. If, I were you, I would just stay stuck for a while.

Art Rock says:

Smart decision! Ice, snow, and a state ill-equipped to manage those kinds of road conditions is a deadly situation. Even if you are a defensive driver, counting on others to be the same would be foolish. It only takes one person with poor judgment to start a cascade of deadly conditions.

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