Student of RedBridge Capital learns Order flow trading using live time and sales data (2018)

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This Video shows how we analyze risk in the markets on a longer time frame & trading in the direction of the Institutional Order Flow which called for a new All Time High before it happens.

We are a bespoke order flow trading research, consulting and mentoring services company. Our investment style has been derived of over 15 years of providing tape reading and market tactic strategies to hedge funds and institutional clients while at firms such as UBS Securities and Bear Stearns. In 2012, we founded the order flow sequencing factor and built proprietary algorithms and trading software for discerning traders of all levels.

Our core philosophy and approach to the market is in analyzing the time and sales, plus volume action of large commercial traders, institutions and program algorithms who control upwards of 92% of the daily volume in the market, or what is called Institutional money flow (IMF).

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MrKahunadog says:

This video is Gold. I love the play by play, the low risk 1to2ticks, kill or ride to add in. The actual feel of uncertainty will sellers keep absorbing buyers. Then the tide turn. Then add in and try to ride it up to Hide behind the buyers. Trading Jedi.

MrKahunadog says:

Kai always good to watch. I love it, price rotation, anticipating. Your scale in is nice. I hope to send you a bottle of Blue Label Johnnie Walker for Christmas this year.

Lee Meiklejohn says:

Excellent …

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