sub penny stocks

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Close – Find out why I hate sub penny stocks and why new investors should avoid them like the plague. More experienced investors… ok.. you can still play them


neocalaber says:

mate, i really enjoy your overview on helping beginners such as myself. i was wondering will you be making more new vids, due to your vids being a tad outdated now.

fodabonita says:

question – the program you are using to view the charts, can i get that program on HSM?

djnz says:

@LTcashcoach can u pm me on whats your strategy ?

LTcashcoach says:

I've been making incredible consistent gains buying 80% sub penny stocks. If you know what your doing, you can do it.

Braids4Gro says:

LOL, This guy is too funny but yet informative!

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