Success through Charity Work

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TITLE: Hate All You Want, but I’ll Never Stop Promoting Charities


I know I’ll get some hate for this post. Why? Because people say, “Why do you talk so much about charity? Just donate in quiet.”

Look, I share everything on social media: my good traits, my bad traits, my trips, my charities, my students, my homework, my screen, my trades, my watchlists, my commentary, my blog posts. Every single thing I share transparently. That’s just who I am.

I want to give charities a platform, because a lot of people — whether they love me or hate me — pay attention to what I do. I make noise on social media.

Sadly, charities can’t make noise. They’re too afraid to piss off donors. They’re too afraid to piss off big corporations that might support them. So they’ve turned into these quiet little organizations that can’t really brag about all the great work that they’re doing.

I can brag for them. I can be their voice. And I know that they appreciate it.

In this video, you’ll learn about:

Pintando, an awesome Guatemalan charity, and its quest to paint 900 houses
Why we need to de-Kardashianize the world
What I think is the key to massive global change (surprise, it’s NOT money)
And much more

If you’re interested in becoming my student, and you succeed at reaching financial freedom, I hope that this video inspires you to use some of your money for the greater good of humanity, and not just a ton of mindless possessions.

Hey, it’s Tim Sykes, millionaire mentor and trader. Thank you for watching my videos. I hope that they help you. I want to share everything that I’ve learned over the years. You can check out more videos right over there, and also click ‘subscribe’ so that you can watch all of these videos, get that knowledge and become my next millionaire student.*

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Rob cote says:

Tim you are such a great human being you have change my life for the best I'm getting a better trader every video lessons you will go to heavens ?

randyrich938 says:

I support you more and get more inspired by your charity posts than I do the materialistic posts

Yacine Abousse says:

You are a GOOD guy TIM, keep it on!

John Smith says:

Ineed a charity, I need a palce to live in thats not bad , I have a palce but I an hear the neighbours bump the wall,and the ground shakes, so I have to stay standing up all the time, rght now Im at my parents house

Jason Canonigo says:

I admire your efforts in charity. Great job and God Bless!

Defiant GTI says:

try use father sucker instead of mother fcker

Henry Craig says:

The Joy Of Giving Creates A Great Life

ollguza says:

That's right!

Johnny Nature says:

i love you if you are honest,,but i'm a bit mixed up thinking how you raised millions to donate inside the prism illegal spy programs etc. good to donate charity I listened and agree..still you scandal for a living jmho..makes sense,, and why is it cool to swear so much unless you are egotistical thief ..basically in eyes of God

Jonathan Luhmann says:

I love that you didn't even take the time to put on the mic haha! Too much happening too fast to deal with that BS. Love your heart and I will give. You're changing the world!

Xxxxxxhan says:

Hi Tim I only get 130-150 a week but really wanna pay for your subscription but not sure please reply I'm a junior student in highscool and really wanna get involved in the mAarket

Greg Martin says:

Well done O choose to live I poverty amongst the billions of poverty slaves and do what I can. .Just for you because of what you do 🙂 long on Gold and hold hold hold. Before Beginning November.

JJ Malvarez says:

Absomotherfuckinglutely Master Sykes!!! The reason some people hate you is that they think YOU make them look bad. Fortunately for us is not you, but their own ugliness and lack of empathy that makes them look and feel bad. They just need some else to blame. Your transparency and philanthropic character is something rarely found these days and for that, I follow you, admire you and hope one they can help you

Iris lali says:

Thank you Tim for everything you do to help people out.

Alexander Santana says:

Tim been watching your channel for a month or so just became a vip student im excited man thanks for sooo much free value ive made a few imaginary plays in my head and if i would of bought in i would of made money on the morning dips btw my favorite pattern !!! im ready for the real deal im in NY would love to sit with you for a moning trade live !!

James Barlett says:

We NEED more like him! Make the world better than it was when you found it. Thanks TS!

Arnau González says:

Just loved the video. Keep it up

Leinani says:

You're hilarious Tim Sykes…????and you tell it like it is at the same time. I love and respect your transparency, your vast charity contributions all over the globe, and your willingness to teach others whom are willing to learn.
This world needs more people like you whom truly give a damn with the means they have to make positive contributions in this crazy world we live in!!

Edson Pereira says:

??? love you dude ?????

Greg Hutchinson says:

Greg Hutchinson
1 second ago
Don't give this man your money he owe me $297 for a BAD product and has been fighting me not to Refund me since June for 5 five months this man is a SCAM !!!!! Tim Pay me back Dam it!!!! $297

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