Sunday CHY-NA Virus Briefing

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China owns our debt, produces most of our medications, and might start buying our companies

Billion dollar hedge fund managers in Chicago get bailed out while you lose your job, and our politicians make money and lie to you

Doctors in this country will be choosing who lives and who dies shortly

The companies who took advantage of Trump’s tax policies and bought back their shares for their own executive’s profit, now want a bailout. Tell you what, why don’t you sell the shares that you bought at the market tomorrow to raise some cash? That’s how it’s supposed to work…

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james vaughan says:

Thanks Whiz appreciate the all the insights, hedge funds, virus, getting through this.

robert trotman says:

sates bordering Florida should close state border

Mat Isa says:

Another inspiring video. Thanks Whiz!

Kevin Rehak. says:

Thank you Whiz for all that you’re doing!!
I don’t usually leave comments on anything. But as I watched this, I felt gratitude for your realistic, straight-shooting perspective. Then I hear your book recommendations! I love that book too! I also recommend the podcast where Tolle is interviewed by Oprah, diving deeper into his other book.
Additionally, check out Anthony De Mello’s work for practical/wakeup-to-reality ways to think.
Keep up the good work! You are a source of strength and inspiration during this uncertain time. Thanks again!

Subsonic Flight Training says:

Pretty good Whiz, the voice of reality. Very sobering that hedge funds are being bailed out and of course the disgusting Senators profiting on inside information, then telling us "Don't Worry, Be Happy", scumbags, I hope they get what they deserve and you don't think the asshole lady didn't share that information with her NYSE Husband. Have to start listening to you more Whiz, you tell it like it is. Thanks for a cold dose of reality…

Master The Dream says:

I love, "The Power of Now."

Paul Bearer says:

Listen to Whiz when he says “it’s the Math”
Even at best-case 1% CFR and 50% infection rate, that’s 7 million dead in China, 1.7 million dead in the US, 40 million dead worldwide.
All possible, prior to if/when we have a vaccine.
Sell the bounce.

Rocco Ferraro says:

Did this come in as a SITREP?

rm says:

Greatest book I ever read when I started my business career: "Start with NO" by Jim Camp.

Graham Oldfield says:

China has a problem and its getting worse , much worse . Germany say 70% will get the virus ,if that's the case then China at 1.2 billion people means that they will get 840 million cases and at 2% death rate = 24 million dead . Social unrest in China is just waiting to explode .If all your family has died and you look like you might get it what have you got to loose .It will start will local party officials being killed in numbers . Worst case China may well split apart with parts of the army rebelling ,.You also can not rule out North Korea supporting the rebels as they have been decimated by the virus and blame China for it . The North Koreans have nuclear missiles that can hit anywhere inside China . It also has huge amounts of chemical and biological weapons. 
The old Chinese curse " May you live in interesting times " …

Johnny G says:

Thanks Whiz. Just downloaded the Power of Now on Audible. Have a great day.

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