Swing trading school -last 40 minutes-

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Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/qullamaggie


Ross says:

Kristian do you realize that 10/20 or any other MAs are the lagging indicators i.e. on a particular day they might close below them but if the move continues it self adjusts so that it looks like it never closed below them. So you will get stopped out more often than not

Sugum Rayan says:

thanks boss!!

Thomas Bradley says:

Simple chart,..very good, easy to see the consolidation with the MA's,….but price can show the same thing….thanks for sharing.

Toby Siu says:


Cyrus Dorbayan says:

Awesome! Much appreciated.

Christopher Miller says:

Thanks so much for this. Were the 3 moving averages (10,20, 50) EMA or SMA? Looking forward for the next video! Hopefully I'll be able to understand more what makes it an A+ setup

asfdj3333 says:

Thanks a lot sharing!

gm0t says:

great content Kris, thanks for giving back to the community.

upacarasamadhi says:

hi can you increase your streaming resolution? cant watch this on 360p on PC.

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