Swing Trading Stocks Strategies – Learn 52 Week High/Low Strategy

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http://www.marketgeeks.com Download Your Free Swing Trading Report. Swing Trading Stocks Strategies shows you the 52 High/ Low Trading Strategy. If you want to learn a simple stock swing trading strategy, look no further.


stangtrax says:

Exactly the trend is your friend.

Market Geeks says:

Hi there, 
You entered a short meaning you sold at 29.73 and bought back at 25.37. We did not buy at 29.73 and sell at 25.37. You can sell first and buy later. This way you make money both in up and down market. 

lanthis says:

sorry but i don't get it..I am new to trading and still learning. How did you come up to a profit at the 52 Week low while your entry price is 29.73 and profit target is 25.37? you loss 4.36?.thanks.

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