Swing Trading Strategies – Gap Trading Strategy With RSI Indicator

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Swing Trading Strategies – Gap Trading Strategy With RSI Indicator. In this Swing Trading Setup I show How to use RSI Indicator in Gap Trading.

In this trading strategy, I have covered Gap trading with RSI Indicator and I have shown how to trade gaps. I have begun this video by explaining the various types of Gaps (Common Gap, Run away Gap, Continuation Gap & Exhaustion Gap) and have suggested for a Swing Trader to target Run away and Exhaustion Trading gap for this Swing Trading strategy.

I have shown how to identify Strong Trading Gaps. In this I have emphasized upon Range of Candle and how Strongly the Gap candle closes near the high or low point of the day. I have also pointed out which Price pattern setup to target. For this trading strategy, one should prefer Price coming out of a range in the form of a Strong Gap.

In the end, I show how RSI Indicator Bullish Bearish range can be used to identify high probability setups within this Trading strategy. For Gap Up trades, one should check if RSI Indicator was in Bullish range and for Gap down trades, one should check if RSI Indicator was in Bearish range. I have summarized rules for this Trading strategy which can be used for Swing Trading Stocks.

First 5 Parts of Swing Trading Strategies focus Swing Trading For Beginners where emphasis remains on explaining basics of What is Swing Trading and How to Swing Trade. From Part 6 On
wards, I have covered various videos on Swing Trading Strategy.


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Part 7 – Swing Trading Strategies – Outside Bar Reversal

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Part 9 – Swing Trading Strategies – RSI Indicator Hidden Bullish Divergence


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TradeWithTrend says:

Hi Guys,

In this trading strategy, I have covered Gap trading with RSI Indicator and I have shown how to trade gaps.

Once you finish this video, Leave a comment below and let me know if you spot a trade in the current market scenario.

Thanks for watching. Be safe.


Bijaya Kumar says:

Sir, tech Mahindra gap formed on 6 Feb . Good candle . With volume . Pls see the chart. Can we say that a good one to trade .?

Jashpal Singh says:

Sir yehi video or episode hindi me banaye please sir ji, because that is really useful for us.please, please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please,sir,

Surender Jyani says:

amazing video.thanx

pawan thareja says:

like always a great video .. Can we also use this for Intraday ? For example in the pre-open market we can easily find the gaps from 1.15-1.8% then use the 30 min candle to see how strong the candle is (volume/wide/closing near high or close) and trade a 30 min break out or break down using RSI as you showed in the above video ?

Gajanan Chavhan says:

Is it 1 Hr Chart?

Kannapiran R.P says:

Great thank you very much sir

Barda says:

Thanks again, another great video from you. You mentioned the time frame is hourly. is that common even during analysis? or only when we are looking for a trade entry ?

Anup Kr says:

Your all video are superb👍

Sathiyamoorthy V says:

As usual it’s highly informative
Thank you very much sir

yogesh chitte says:

As usual ur video is awesome …really informative..

Samir Prajapati says:

Awesome video and explanation…my question is do we have to wait for gap to occur… because in all examples if we follow stock selection as you have taught in previous videos and RSI bullish and bearish range understanding..we would have taken entry prior to gap I guess… wouldn't it??

kulbir singh Chugh says:

Nice explanation, needs practice on charts to identify different type of gap. Thanks

Leo DeSouza says:

Hello Sir! Another great video. Never thought gap trading as a very wide and complex topic. Here's wishing you a very Happy New Year 2019 , Good Health & Prosperity.

ravi lathiya says:

One question, For an hourly/Daily chart reading, What will b ideal months (3/6)..?

joethim says:

Thanks for sharing 👍

ravi lathiya says:

DA looks like Gap strategy needs Hard practicing to understand

Mohit Singh Puri says:

thank you sir ji.

Sridhar Singamsetty says:

Hai, how to trail stop here or any Target to look for?

Dushyant Gupta says:

Hi, Thank you for upload, It wd be better if you use any dark colour for candle, This Green colour is hardly visible. Thank you

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