Swing Trading Strategy #1 – How to identify a Stock | HINDI

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Swing Trading is catching the fancy of the investors/traders. The concept of long term investment is vanishing due to volatility in the stock market.

The investors or traders would like to cash in the short term trend or momentum and are happy with 2% to 3% returns. It is difficult to identify a stock for swing trading.

This section on the swing trading strategy will discuss one such way to identify a stock for swing trading. It takes help of the volatility information shown by Bollinger bands. The basic concept is that period of low volatility is followed by a period of very high volatility. It means a sharp movement in the price. There are ways to find out the direction of this impending price change.

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Nitin Bhatia says:

Swing Trading के बारे में आप अपनी राय दुसरे दर्शकों को बता सकते हैं इस सेक्शन में कमेंट करके..धन्यवाद 🙏🙏

santosh dhotare says:

Sir is chart ko open karne ki website bataiye

Sandeep Kumar says:

Very informative. For me its an eye-opener. Thanks a lot for your superb work.

jai singh says:

great sir g……

Abaso Patil says:

भाटीया सर,
मैं सात बरसे इंट्रा डे ट्रेंडीग करता हूॅ
लेकिन अच्छा मुनाफा पा नही सकता । सर इंट्रा डे में मुनाफा अच्छा कमाने लिए क्या करना चाहिए।
abaso patil kolhapur (m/s)


this is Marvellous and simple style training. Thank you

dr.parikshit chakole says:

Sir you are great

Gulshan Ali says:

Hi Nitin , Can we do Short Selling in Swing Trading (equity) ? if yes Then How ?

Adeel Kazmi says:

Sir, swing trade ke liye Daily Chart best rahta hai ya weekly chart?

Praveen Kumar says:

Sir please tell me time frame { sma} in this video

anusm1ta Gopinath says:

how to identify the stocks for SWING or SHORT TERM PURPOSE?

REmark says:

Sir thoda chota video banaye…..

Sanjeev Samanta says:

For swing trade you have used 15 mins chart but in your earlier videos you said for swing trade we should use 4 hours chart ..so bit confused in this..and for swing trade can we use 5,8,13 startegy?

Abid Ali says:

Is video me apne bataya ke Bollinger band sometime fake indicators deta hai to iske sath koi aur indicator use kare, my concern is which indicator we can use?

Suren Negi says:

Sir how to choose stocks for swing trading

Sandeep Rawat says:

Sir time frame bta de the…,🤔🤔

Aakash Makkar says:

Hi nitin
You have been using 15m charts in all the above examples for swing trading. Shouldn't 1day charts be used for the same?
FYI, I am new to markets and trading and your videos have been very informative n helpful . Thanks

Info Saint says:

thanks for the video sir. please let me know what should be the time period we should consider for bollinger band? the defauit setting is 14 days. So should we consider it 14 days?

Manish Zimte says:

Sir please give number index to your videoes

Lakhani Krupa says:

Thanks sir for the video

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