SWING TRADING: Trade Gold Like a Pro

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In this video, we will speak about how you can be Trading like a professional By using technical analysis and order flow to find the best swing trading opportunities.






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Michael Geiseb says:

Hello,Can you please make a analysis on Nasdaq100..
Thanks in Advance

R M says:

Hey nic. Thanks a lot for your videos.
As a suggestion it would be great to see a recap on some of this video analysis to see how the trades worked out.

imran nazir says:

that's great

Fabio antony says:

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Roddie Houston says:

The only problem i had was not getting to know Mr Romero pieto on time but thanks to God I met him ever since then he has Really changed my knowledge of trading making earn more profit.

abo jafer says:

Hhh take my word the last push up then 700 $ 😉 and this will destroy all 🤭
U can say thats not impossible but in future u will see🤭

barkın tutuncu says:

Thanks for the video. Hope to see more gold videos like this 👍

S-hyper says:

Can you do more technical analysis and order flow videos

Economic Hitman says:

I smashed the like button more times than any girl

Connie Jay says:

Plz give me the name that website u check hedge funds report. Thank u for being a great teacher.

themba cliford says:

Really like da video very basic bt technical thanks for the hint

David Watts says:

They took away almost 19000 longs and 1300 short, meaning the price will still not go up and sl hunting is on. So we have to wait for the structure to change more before we go long. Great video. thanks again

Goitseona Mmope says:

Can you include Nasdaq. . . Multi Time Frame Analysis

EasyFix_FX says:

Can you analyze the next move on the Nasdaq(US Tech100)? It is a very profitable instrument once you are on the right side of it. But difficult to get in on a decent lot size as the points move quickly

Fx Elm says:


Moe Kilani says:

You are freaking great! god bless you <3

Rahul Roy says:

My RR 1:1
But I m pretty much consistent profitable

kazem qanati says:

where can i find that excel file

Chris Illingworth says:

Can you do daily updates on gold.

Entertainment Channel says:

Your video always very informative and very educational sir

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